10 Hot Ladies Who Could Do Better

In every relationship—well, most relationships—there is an overachiever and an underachiever. A person who is doing better then they probably should be… and a person who is doing worse. The following ladies are definitely in the second category. (Some of you probably feel this is a terrible way to look at relationships. Others of you are nodding your head in agreement.) Without further ado, here are 10 beauties who are dating down. Take it as inspiration—or just enjoy the pics.

Sarah Shahi She is pretty much one of the hottest women who ever lived. Her personality seems pretty rad, too. So why is she married to the goofy dude from Reba? (Side note: good on you, Steve Howey.)

Adriana Lima The Brazilian supermodel is another candidate for the “one of the hottest women who ever lived” designation. And her husband is… Marko Jarić, a former NBA bottom feeder. With strange eyes. But hey, whatever makes you happy, Adriana.

Meagan Good We’re probably just jealous. But we think this Deception babe—who was also amazingly sexy in Californication—could’ve set her sights higher than DeVon Franklin. Yes, he’s a handsome vice president at Columbia Pictures. But still.

Cynthia Nixon Last year, the Sex and the City actress married her longtime girlfriend, Christine Marinoni, a kinda-chubby education activist. Hey, lesbians can date down too.

Christina Hendricks The woman you know as Joan Harris is married to Geoffrey Arend, that Jeff Goldblum-type from movies like Super Troopers. It’s not so much that she can do better, it’s just not who’d you expect. He’s a long way from John Slattery, put it that way.

Jessica Alba Alba is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her husband, Cash Warren, was the director’s assistant on Fantastic Four and has produced a few things you’ve never heard of.

Amanda Marcum This stunning ex-model is married to Andy Enfield, who was the basketball coach at Florida Gulf Coast until a few weeks ago. Even Enfield admits his snagging of Marcum was a bigger upset than his former team’s win over Georgetown.

Keira Knightley Her films have grossed over a gazillion dollars at the box office. She’s engaged to a bloke named James Righton, who is co-vocalist for the Brit rock band Klaxons. We repeat: Klaxons.

Alicia Keys Really, Swizz Beatz? Her husband sounds like something you stir drinks with.

Anne Hathaway The Oscar-winning actress is married to a dude named Adam Shulman, an actor/jewelry designer. His IMDB credits are, umm, thin.

Beyonce Just kidding, Jay-Z!