10 Impressive International Moustaches

Tired of your standard '70s porn star stache? Click on as we look to international moustache-growing champions to provide us with a little inspirational fuel for our continued growing efforts.

Strapping Swede Andreas Rellfelt inspires with his award-winning natural moustache.

German hairdresser Elmar Weisser gets creative with his moustache styling.

Evan Gillespie of Canada rocking his freestyle mo.

Austrian Franz Mitterhauser's stache requires some serious structural work.

Once a moustache growing champ, Gerhard Knapp of Germany proves he's still got it.

Juhana Helmenkalastaja makes Finland Proud with his impressive Dali-styled mo.

German Karl Heinz-Hille wears the belt for best Imperial Stache.

Fellow German Udo Fritzscie rivals Heinz-Hille for The Monopoly Guy title.

Italian Stallion Piero Mastrorosa wows with his natural stache.

Germany's Willi Chevaleir shows off his whimsical stylings.