10 Perfect Holiday Gifts

Mid-December. Yup, that’s about the time the smart but busy man starts seriously thinking about what to buy everyone on his holiday gift list. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. What follows are two gift suggestions each for five key people—mom, dad, sister, brother, lady friend—with items at differing price points to suit your budget. Just one word of warning: this stuff is so sweet, you just might be fighting the urge to keep it all for yourself. Well, except, you know, the girly stuff...

Mom ($), CanvasPop Instagram Canvas: The folks from CanvasPop are offering promotional pricing on their newly introduced Instagram prints. It’s as easy as logging into your Instagram account on their site and clicking send. Not only is this option a smooth way to blow up Mom’s favorite pic, but CanvasPop offers a lifetime guarantee against bubbling, cracking and fading. $30 (regularly $80), www.canvaspop.com

Mom ($$), Nikon 1 J1: Now that your sister has kids, Mom likes to take her own photos and video, too. This interchangeable lens SLR beauty is easy to use and makes even a Luddite’s photos look professional. Choose from three different lens options, including one specifically for movie filming, or opt for a multiple lens kit. $599, www.nikon.com

Dad ($), Ole Smokey Moonshine Cherries: A typical Appalachian party in a jar that will get you crunk. Fresh maraschino cherries marinating in 100-proof, Tennessee distilled, Ole-Smokey moonshine put the cherry on top of a good day... or a bad one. When Dad finishes the cherries off, he can make the ultimate Cherry Coke or Shirley Temple. $30, www.olesmokymoonshine.com

Dad ($$), Rigid Seesnake Micro: This flexible inspection camera makes it easy for Dad to diagnose the unreachable. The Seesnake offers two different head attachments for up-close inspection and tight spaces… or just your general international super spy camera needs. $220, www.ridgid.com

Sister ($), Agloves Touch Screen Gloves: Sacrificing digit warmth for a text message is no longer a concern. Agloves offers the highest-rated touch screen gloves in the US. Perfect for chicas that be texting a lot. They also offer green bamboo and sport lines for all of the powder hounds out there. $18, www.agloves.com

Sister ($$), Cambridge Satchel Fluro Collection: Classic English handmade craftsmanship in electric colors so bright you may also need to give sis sunglasses. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors, and personalize with engraving. Or hold the initials—you may find yourself wanting to keep this bad boy for Skittle storage, a la The Hangover. $130+, www.cambridgesatches.co.uk

Brother ($), Roku 2: All the streaming and on demand out there—Hulu+, Netflix, games, live sports and more—in one little box. Thanks to built-in wi-fi, you can set up the Roku 2 in minutes, and it works with almost any TV. Choose from three different Roku 2s to best fit your, er, your brother’s needs. Note: none of them come with porn. $60+, www.roku.com

Brother ($$), WeeWood Watch: These badass timepieces are made out of various woods from around the world including Blackwood, Guaiaco, Maple, and Red Wing Celtis, while still having the most high-tech guts out there. Plus, for every watch sold, American Forests plants a tree in its place. $119+, www.we-wood.us

Girlfriend or Wife ($), Marc by Marc Jacobs Heart-Shaped Earbuds: A gift of style is one always appreciated by your lady friend. Be sure to fill her stocking with these fashion forward acetate earbuds (also available in stars) if you know what’s best for your chances of, um, filling her stocking. $40, www.net-a-porter.com

Girlfriend or Wife ($$), Kiki de Montparnasse French Lesson Panty Set: The weekday panty sets just got a whole lot sexier. Her behind will be adorned with seven different intimate French expressions from fesse-moi (spank me) to other unmentionables that we are sure you will find a way to work into your lesson plan. $295, www.kikidm.com