10 Real Babes Help You Navigate a Pool Party

The sun’s hot, the water’s cool, and the bikinis are everywhere. Yes, folks, it’s pool party season. But you can’t just stroll up in your purple Speedo, chug a beer and start cannonballing. Well, you can, but it might not impress the owners of those bikinis. Thankfully, the folks at AWOL have you covered. They’re throwing a red-hot, can’t-miss bash at Hollywood’s famed Roosevelt Hotel this weekend (tickets here), and some of the lovely female attendees have all the advice you need to be the most popular guy on the deck. Click on for an, um, educational slideshow.

Ana Williams: "Genuine, gentleman-like compliments are wonderful. Don’t lay it on too thick, though."

Christina Flinders (left): "Hand me a towel getting out of the pool, and I’ll gladly let you watch me dry off."

Lynette Simpson (left): "Make sure to 'manscape' if you’re a furrier fellow."

Amanda Panda: "Tastefully compliment a lady on her bikini. It makes us feel good to know that we are being noticed and appreciated."

Andra Gheorghiu: "Wear a hair tie on your wrist, it comes in handy at the pool."

Nina Brunello: "Offer me a shot to cool down: tequilla, chilled, with salt and lime, please."

Jessica Kitty (right): "Confidence without cockiness is so sexy. If you are assertive enough to notice me, talk to me... and buy me a drink? Perfection."

Becca Dawson (right): "If you see me making eye contact with you, come over and introduce yourself. A simple Hi, I'm Josh. How are you? does the trick."

Arti Martinez (far right): “Do not attempt to grind up behind us in your wet board shorts, it's just not classy.”

Christina Meissner: "Capture my interest by doing something to make me smile."