10 Women We’re Not Sure Are Hot

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, so is hotness. And we’ve witnessed a lot of debate about the temperature of various ladies in the dramatic arts—particularly some the media unfailingly peg as gorgeous. With that in mind, we bring you 10 girls we’re not sure are “hot.” Feel free to agree or shout us down. With your carefully typed comments, that is.

Emma Stone Great actress. Not quite bite-your-fist hot though, is she?

Zooey Deschanel Funny? Yes. Adorable? Probably. But as far as out-and-out hotness goes, let’s just say Joseph Gordon-Levitt was better off ending up with Minka Kelly than Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer.

Gabrielle Union She was hot in Bring It On. We think that’s about it...

Hilary Swank The Office had an entire episode dedicated to Swank’s hot-or-not-ness. We’re just as confused.

Rashida Jones We gotta admit, Jones looked pretty great in Celeste & Jesse Forever. But in some episodes of Parks and Rec… not so much. Despite what you might hear from Leslie Knope.

Angelina Jolie One could make the case that Brad Pitt’s wife went from strange-looking to beautiful for a couple of years to strange-looking again—but never hot. (One would probably be wrong, but one could make that case.)

Cameron Diaz In The Mask? Definitely. Something About Mary? For sure. Lately? Hmm.

Anne Hathaway She’s a polarizing figure. To some, she’s as hot as she is talented. To others, she falls in the “doesn’t really do it for me” category.

Blake Lively Most red-blooded men would agree this former Gossip Girl is smokin’. But every now and then, you’ll hear a dude say that he doesn’t get what the big deal is.

Rihanna It’s perhaps the greatest question of our time: is Rihanna just unusual-looking, or is she hot in a futuristic space alien kind of way?

Brooklyn Decker Just kidding. She’s hot.