10 Women We’d Like to Spend All Night With

If you could spend all night with a celebrity babe of your choice (playing board games and drinking soda of course), who would it be? While we can’t speak for everyone, these ten ladies should merit some consideration.

Anna Kendrick She’s cute, charming, talented and a self-proclaimed nerd. So if we ever got bored (not likely) we could always talk about the new Star Wars movie.

Kat Graham The singer/actress/model could surely provide ample company well into the night.

Jennifer Lawrence Over the past two years the actress has quickly established herself as one of the most desired women in Hollywood. Not hard to see why.

Scarlett Johansson Yes, we’d like to spend all night with Scarlett Johansson. Us and every other person in the world with a pulse.

Azealia Banks Something tells us she’d be fun to hang out with.

Kate Upton As if we even had a choice on this one.

Iggy Azalea She’d probably know of a cracking party to hit up. The Australian accent is also a bonus.

Lyndsy Fonseca We’d have to request she bring that outfit.

Emma Watson The bragging rights alone would make you a legend.

Amber Heard Just yes. One hundred times yes.