11 Badass Mountain Gear Items

Surviving in harsh mountain environments takes a combo of skills, wits and know-how. But it also doesn’t hurt to be outfitted properly. With backpacking season upon us, here’s the stuff you need, whether you’re planning an ambitious outdoor adventure or just want some cool gear for your next car camping trip. (For more wilderness wisdom, hang out with Eustace Conway and friends on HISTORY’s Mountain Men, Sundays at 9/8c.)

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife The knife itself, with its five-inch stainless steel blade and molded ergonomic handle, is cool enough. But when you add in the fact that the knife has a hammerhead on the pommel, an emergency whistle on its rope lanyard and a striker and spark rod for starting a fire, it really takes it over the top as essential mountain survival gear. $62, www.gerbergear.com

Garmin GPSMAP 62sc You may think your smartphone map can bail you out of any situation, but when you encounter heavy tree cover or deep canyons, you’ll wish you had a dedicated GPS device. This Garmin unit boasts a powerful antenna, a beefed-up GPS receiver and satellite prediction technology to fill that bill in any wilderness. $400, www.garmin.com

Princeton Vizz Headlamp LED headlamps will keep you safe and functional in dark spaces, while still keeping your hands free for other badass mountain activities (like eating Clif Bars). The Princeton Vizz has a floodlight for seeing it all, a spotlight for seeing long distances and a red LED light for close-range night vision, all in one of the most dependable brands in headlamps. $50, www.princetontec.com

Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman Axe with Saw Blade You may think of Zippo as the lighter company, but they also recently released one of the best hatchets around. As the name implies, this axe performs four wilderness functions. It chops. It hammers. It pulls stakes. And with the fold-out saw blade that connects between the handle and the hatchet head, it can saw wood, too. $80, www.zippooutdoor.com

Osprey Atmos 65 Backpack Any true mountain man needs the right pack, and this Osprey model has all the capacity of its more rustic, aluminum-framed counterparts while still looking damn good. It can hold enough gear for true backcountry adventures, but with an interior structure that makes it comfortable to carry while ventilating your back. Plus, it’s available in eye-catching red, blue or grey. $240, www.ospreypacks.com

Nemo Morpho Tent Not only does this tent look cool, but it packs down small enough to carry with you. Plus, it’s durable and rugged enough to handle high winds and other severe mountain conditions. It’s also innovative: instead of traditional poles, this tent features “air beams” that you pump up to give it structure. So setting it up takes about 45 seconds with the included air pump. $400-$500, www.nemoequipment.com

Primus Omnifuel Stove with Windscreen Being able to cook or boil water anywhere is an essential mountain skill, and this Primus stove handles those tasks with ease. Aside from its stylish appearance, it has won awards for its reliability and power in even the most extreme conditions. It works with virtually any kind of fuel, and its controls are easy to adjust even when you’re wearing gloves. $182, www.primuscamping.com

Keen Verdi Mid WP Hiking Boots Keen has built their reputation on a unique, multi-directional “lug” pattern on the soles of their sandals and shoes. Simply put, these things just don’t slip, even when you’re walking on wet rocks. These hikers offer the same traction on the soles that Keen is famous for in a breathable boot that still manages to keep your feet dry. Plus, they just look cool as hell. $120, www.keenfootwear.com

Revo Guide Sunglasses If people are going to take you seriously out on the trail, then gas station sunglasses aren’t going to cut it. You need a pair of technical sunglasses that reduce reflections, shed moisture and debris and stay on your face no matter what you’re doing. The Revo Guides—worn here by world-class climber and photographer Jimmy Chin—check all these boxes and more. $179, www.revo.com

Kelty Lumatwist Lantern Traditionalists may look down upon the new crop of LED lanterns, but the technology has gotten so good that it’s almost silly to rely on fuel for a lantern anymore. The Kelty Lumatwist is a rugged camp lantern with some uniquely cool features, such as two LED panels that will twist and turn to direct light wherever you need it, either in the tent or out on the trail. $65, www.kelty.com

Lifestraw Personal Drinking Water Filter Safe drinking water is a precious commodity for any adventurer. And if you find yourself running low, then this one-of-a-kind water filter is the perfect tool to keep you safe. The LifeStraw is actually a large drinking straw with a number of advanced filters built into it. After holding it upright in water for about a minute to let the filters do their work, you can drink safely from almost any water supply using the LifeStraw. In fact, you might want to take this baby to the office. $25, www.eartheasy.com