11 Sharp Men’s Style Suppliers

The modern man’s dilemma: You want to look good, but you don’t want to spend any time shopping for clothes. Fortunately, the modern world provides plenty of solutions thanks to someone else’s good taste. Take, for example, the following subscription and/or periodic email sites that have you covered from shirts and shoes to socks and shaving cream…

Trunk Club Tell Trunk Club how you dress, your level of style and where you shop. They’ll send you a vast array of casual and formal items—even pocket squares and bow ties—every month. You decide what to keep and ship the rest back for free. Ideal for the gent looking to add a bit of flair to his wardrobe.

Five Four Club You pay $60 a month, you get a different package in the mail every month. You keep what you like and send the rest back. It’s a great low-maintenance all-purpose site for a guy who wants to fill his closet with sharp threads but doesn’t want to think about how to get them there.

The Tie Bar Welcome to the working week. Now get yourself some ties. And cuff links. And pocket squares. And tie bars. And collar stays, money clips, lapel flowers and other symbols of contemporary dandyism. In case you hadn’t gathered, this site’s for accessory whores only.

Jack Threads From the good people at Thrillist comes this members-only site that offers time-limited sales on a few items a day. This stuff ranges widely from upscale to super casual. It may not be the most stylish stuff you’ve ever seen, but the deals aren’t bad.

Soul Socks Two guys who like socks send you a brand spanking new pair of super colorful ones every month for 12 bucks. Not for everyone, but if you have a real passion for bold, stylish foot sleeves, this baby’s right up your alley.

Frank & Oak You input your age, sizes and style. Frank & Oak sends you stuff. You can even sign up for a premium service that allows for free shipping on returns and access to personal recommendations from curators. It’s classic, good-looking stuff, assuming you admire Frank & Oak’s aesthetics. They are Canadian, after all.

Birchbox Sign up and answer some questions about your own personal grooming style. Receive a monthly box of top grooming products and accessories. There’s a definite metro flavor to it, but if you want good skin care products, you could do a lot worse than ten bucks a month.

Huckberry This newsletter comes filled with “members’ only” deals. It’s got clothes, grooming products, surprisingly awesome denim and other guy stuff. There’s also outdoor gear for your inner woodsman. You only get an email once every two weeks, and their gift shop alone is worth signing up for.

BRANDiD Would you believe that BRANDiD lets you choose from any number of lovely ladies in your area to do your shopping for you? Then rate them according to how good of a job they did? Yup, that’s the deal. Worth trying if you’ve got a deficit of time and a surplus of cash.

Manpacks What do you need regularly? Build a Manpack and restock quarterly. They’ve got T-shirts, undies, socks, grooming products and condoms for you to choose and have delivered to your door every three months. Pretty damn handy if you ask us.

Gilt This site just wants your email so that it can sell you things like Florsheim Suede Brogues at a ridiculous discount. In other words, it’s a convenient way for fellas who already know their way around the finer points of haberdashery to grab fantastic deals.