12 Really Hot, Really Tall Women

The WNBA season is in full swing. Also: we’re smack dab in the middle of beach volleyball weather. So it’s the perfect time to pay tribute to all the hot tall women of the world. And here they are, a dozen 5’10”-and-over bombshells for your leisurely perusal. Bring your own stepladder!

Stacy Keibler The actress/model/retired professional wrestler stands 5’11”. Which is why she always makes George Clooney look so short at those red carpet events.

Kim Glass Fun fact: Glass, a Team USA volleyball player, is the University of Arizona’s all-time leader in kills. At 6’3”, her looks are pretty killer, too.

Tori Praver This 5’11” model was discovered in Maui at age 13. No idea what caught the discoverer’s eye…

Elle Macpherson There’s a reason this six-foot Aussie got the nickname “The Body.” And… you’re looking at it.

Erica Hosseini This 5’10” stunner from Newport Beach, California, hopes to one day win a world surf title. Until then, she’ll just have to be content with our award for “Hottest Tall Pro Surfer from Newport Beach, California.”

Heidi Klum She’s actually only 5’9 ½”. But we make an exception for German supermodels.

Maria Sharapova This 6’2” Russia-born, Florida-raised babe has captured four Grand Slam titles. Her body is pretty slammin’, as well.

Stephanie Rice Like Klum, this gold medal-winning Australian swimmer is a mere 5’9” and change. But we’re rounding up. You’re cool with that, right?

Ana Ivanovic You probably didn’t realize this former No.1 Serbian tennis player is a full six feet tall, did you? Well, she is. And lovely too.

Candace Parker She’s 6’4”. She’s beautiful. And she can dunk. What more do you want in a woman?

Diana Taurasi Speaking of ballers, this Phoenix Mercury guard checks in at an even six feet without shoes. She looks pretty good without clothing, too.

Kate Upton What would a gallery of hot tall women be without everyone’s favorite 5’10” supermodel next door? Sorely, sorely lacking, that’s what.