12 Shots of American Honey(s)

No social sports contest would be complete without a bevy of competitive beauties to admire. And no Definitive Guide to Social Sports would be complete without the same! So take a gander at this formidable lineup of Times Square-rocking, kickball-socking Wild Turkey American Honeys and be happy that fit females, tasty whiskey and coed sports exist…

It’s important to stretch as a team. Especially if this is your team.

No really, stretching is critical… before any strenuous coed activity.

If you get assigned to this kickball team, make sure to send your league’s manager a fruit basket. Or better yet, some American Honey!

This pose was really funny… until their faces got stuck like that.

Always keep your eye on the beautiful woman. Er, the ball. THE BALL!

Overly enthusiastic pregame intros are a crucial part of team chemistry. The same goes for short shorts.

Tip: Never let your iPhone interfere with your form.

Eye contact: as important on the field of play as it is in the, um, bar.

To quote the great Demetri Martin: “I used to play sports. Then I realized you can buy trophies.”

You’ve gotta applaud anyone who gives it their best shots.

When the game ends with booze, everybody wins!