13 Nations That’ll Test a Man’s Wedding Vows

Like any soon-to-be married man, it’s probably occurred to you that this whole “one woman for the rest of your life” thing is going to be a little difficult at times. That’s perfectly normal, but if you’re the sort of guy who gives in easily to temptation, you may want avoid to the following 13 nations altogether. Why, you ask? Well, because the women who populate these regions tend to have a thing for American men. A really strong thing. A thing your bride-to-be probably wouldn’t be too keen on. But enjoy the pictures anyway.

1. Thailand “Poorer countries like Vietnam and Thailand are absolutely fantastic. Women will fall over themselves to talk to a guy from America, and the best part is that in those countries, they don’t really care how old the guy is.” —Dan Nainan, comedian Sample pickup line: “Would you take my picture? I’m visiting from America.”

2. Ukraine “American tourists are more rare in Eastern Europe, and the girls are always jonesing for that American Dream slash green card. Your money goes far and the women are curious. In places like Ukraine, there are more women than men, and the guys know this well and thus actually avoid relationships.” ——Jordan Harbinger, owner and co-founder, The Art of Charm Sample pick-up line: “Are those Levi’s? They make those in my country.”

3. Great Britain “UK women love American men because they believe they’re different from the soccer-loving, beer-drinking homegrown men. American guys share their feelings way more than UK blokes, and the American accent and being called ‘baby’ or ‘sweetheart’ are huge turn-ons for British chicks.” ——Rochelle Peachy, founder, I Love Your Accent Sample pick-up line: “Hey, hope there are no hard feelings about 1776.”

4. Sweden “Sweden is an incredible place for American guys to visit. The women are so stunningly beautiful—especially if you like blondes—and so friendly. Also, Swedish women are very, very open about sex.” —Nainan Sample pick-up line: “Are those Victoria’s Secret? That company started in my country.”

5. Russia “Russian girls are very aware that they need to be beautiful to attract men. The feminist movement hasn’t taken hold, where they think they can be dumpy and still get what they want. Competition for men is high. They’re also known to have sex more quickly than any other girls, according to an informal study that I did.” —Harbinger Sample pick-up line: “This street scene reminds me a little of my country. America.”

6. Australia “Australian women like American guys because they represent respect, gentlemanliness and really knowing how to treat a lady, as opposed to Aussie men, who tend to treat women as one of the guys. And if you wear a uniform, even better—Sheilas go crazy for an American military man.” —Peachy Sample pick-up line: “So where can an American guy wrestle crocodiles around here?”

7. United Arab Emirates “Dubai is the ultimate party town, where anything goes—you just can’t make out in public. Think Las Vegas, but 10 times better. You’re not going to score with Emiratis—the locals—because premarital sex is a no-no, but they comprise less than 10 percent of the population. The rest are beautiful women from all over the world: Filipinos, Europeans, Australians and Africans. It’s amazing.” —Nainan Sample pick-up line: “Wow. We don’t get heat like this in my country. America.”

8. Mexico “In Mexico, American men are helped by plenty of positive stereotypes about life in the U.S. and Americans. Fair skin is considered desirable and beautiful. Plus, there’s good food, everything’s cheap as hell, and women don’t mind if you’re a bit chubby.” —Harbinger Sample pick-up line: “Have to say, the Mexican food is better here than in my country. Estados Unidos.”

9. Lebanon “In Beirut, there are something like five women for every man in the bars—they practically compete against each other to talk to you. Also, Lebanese women are so beautiful—incredible eyes and very smart—and a lot of them speak French, which is super sexy.” —Nainan Sample pick-up line: “Where I come from, your capital is another word for beer pong.”

10. Denmark “Men from Denmark or Finland are seen somewhat as wimps when compared to manly, sport-loving Americans. And the love these Scandinavian women have for American guys is genuine because they don’t need them as a means to get out of poverty or as a refuge from a downtrodden life.” —Peachy Sample pick-up line: “That Bud Light you are drinking and I have a lot in common.”

11. Brazil “Women here are aggressive and will pursue you sometimes. Things are inexpensive and the country has a party culture and beautiful scenery.” —Harbinger Sample pick-up line: “Man, you can’t find beaches like this in my country. America.”

12. Germany “To German Fraulein, American men are smooth, sweet-talkers. If you tell a German girl you like her hair or her legs or that you love her—even if it’s a white lie—it’ll go a long way. German men rarely give compliments, and they pretty much only say ‘I love you’ after you’ve given birth to their child.” —Peachy Sample pick-up line: “Is that a Louis Vuitton purse? It is? Oh, never mind. It’s just, for a second there, I thought it was made by American Apparel. Which is based in my country.”

13. China “Chinese women are really curious about Westerners, and there’s that mystique there that was probably present in Russia during the ’80s and earlier. The girls are all thin, everything is damn cheap, and you’ll never run out of things to see and do.” —Harbinger Sample pick-up line: “You know Yao Ming? He used to play basketball in my country.”