If We Had a Billion Dollars…

There are lots of things money can buy. Fame, friends and even the love of a much younger model girlfriend (ahem, Roberto Cavalli). But we are more interested in turning those hard-earned profits into tangible assets and gadgets. You know, like the rich folks in Elysium, hitting theaters August 9th. Just take a look at what makes the cut on our billionaire wish list. P.s.—Love movies? Now they love you back. Join Sony Rewards.

Aston Martin One 77 One up 007 with British make Aston Martin’s One 77 supercar. The sleek carbon fiber shell makes accelerating to speeds over 220 mph a cinch. The 7.3-liter v12, packing 750 horses, probably doesn’t hurt, either. Price: $1.85 million

Specialized + McLaren Venge Inspired by the McLaren F1, the world’s fastest legal road bike has both beauty and brains. Specialized incorporated materials and technologies fit for Formula 1 to create a whole new league of lightweight aerodynamics—and one beastly looking bike. Price: $18,000

Grid 2 Mono Edition The popular racing game kicks it up a notch with their highly limited Mono Edition release. $200k for a video game isn’t bad when it comes with a high-performance (and street legal) BAC Mono racecar and Grid 2 emblazoned driver gear. Price: $189,000

Martin Jetpack They say attitude is altitude, but there are other ways to get high. Soar into the wild blue yonder with the first development commercial jet pack, equipped with a 30-mile fuel range and 8,000 feet ascension capacity (that’s 738 stories!). Price: $80,000

Royal Salute Tribute to Honour A sophisticated blend of the world’s most opulent whiskies aged 45 years or more make this liquid gold an extremely rare and palatable masterpiece. First released in 1953 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, this scotch is undoubtedly fit for a queen—or king. Price: $229,000

Submarine Yacht 390 feet of deep-sea diving luxury tops the fanciest boat in the marina any day. Enjoy 360-degree views from the acrylic windows and skylights throughout the cabin of your own personal, gigantic submarine. Price: $300 million

Hart Audio Aural Pleasure Everything sounds better through top-of-the-line solid 18-karat gold speakers handcrafted by audio engineers at the UK’s esteemed Hart Audio. We hear they make Nickelback sound like… slightly less crappy Nickelback. Price: $61,000

Neoteric Hovercraft Gold Cart Conquer land, sand and green with the latest and greatest in course transportation. After an overwhelming response to Oakley’s video with pro golfer Bubba Watson, Neoteric has vowed to start pumping out hovercraft caddies for the rest of us. Price: $50,000

HiCan Bed The Italian-made Hi-Fidelity Canopy smart bed goes way beyond Craftmatic. Voice automation controls the canopy blinds, HD projection screen and surround sound. As if you needed another reason to sleep in... Price: $55,000

Audemars Piguet Offshore MGS Official billionaire swag status granted with a special edition Audemars Piguet timepiece—the same edition music mogul Jay-Z rocks. Maybach and Béyonce not included. Price: $33,500

Honma Golf Clubs Tee off with the some of the finest clubs in the game. Japanese made Honma clubs are given a gilded and glistening makeover for the 55th Anniversary collection. Perfect for your local mini-golf course! Price: $75,000

G650 Jet Maybe money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a 60 million dollar jet. This 8-passenger dream liner can zip you to your private island at speeds exceeding 600 mph. Plus, you will feel fly. Like a G6. Price: $58.5 million

Private Island After Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison’s $500 million purchase of Hawaiian island Lanai set real estate records last year, we realized it’s the perfect thing to round out our billionaire wish list. No man is an island, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own one. Prices vary.