15 Hot Single Ladies Over Age 35

Cougar cubs of the world rejoice—Chelsea Handler is back on the market. Seems her and Andre Balazs are splitsville, as confirmed by reps from Handler’s camp today. Which puts her right back on the market alongside fellow older hot chick Demi Moore. Is it just us, or do women over the age of 35 look a lot better than they used to? Whether it’s makeup, “age-defying creams” or the preservatives in the food, we’re not sure. Nor do we care much when women are aging this gracefully. Enjoy some of our favorite older single babes here.

Charlize Theron: This blonde beauty is the rarest of creatures, a white African.

Vanessa Williams: The first black Miss America was also the first stripped of her title.

Mary Louise Parker: They call her strain on Weeds “MILFweed” for a reason.

MIA: We know what you’re thinking—she’s engaged. Whatever, that happened like three years ago and we haven’t heard anything about any impending nuptials. So if you see her out buy her a drink—just make sure it’s not a Seagram’s.

Liz Phair: Her lyrics just keep getting trashier as she gets older. Which, yes, means that she is getting even hotter.

Elle Macpherson: They used to call her “The Body” back in the day. This picture pretty much explains why.

Maria Bellow: Maria originally wanted to become a lawyer. Lucky for us, she went into acting instead, where we can all ogle her well into her 40s.

Stacey Dash: We’ve loved her since seeing her in Moving, Mo’ Money and Renaissance Man. She was then somehow able to play a teenager in Clueless at the age of 28. Uh, not that we’ve ever seen it or anything.

Courtney Cox: Things we know about Courtney from her time spent with David Arquette: she likes younger guys and they don’t have to be smart, interesting or talented. In fact, it seems she prefers when they aren’t.

Chelsea Handler: Chelsea once dated 50 Cent. He then penned "In Da Club" in tribute to her. No, not really.

Jennifer Lopez: She’s hot, but watch out—she’s also apparently a crypto-Scientologist. Part of the reason her and Marc Anthony broke up is because she wanted to send the kids to a Scientologist school.

Catherine Bell: We only know about her because our girlfriends watch Army Wives. Seriously.

Gina Gershon: Vanity Fair once claimed that she had a thing going on with Bill Clinton. No one has sued, so we’re guessing she’s Presidential Class.

Raquel Welch: She still looks a damn sight better than most women ever will.

Gong Li: Word on the street is she’s dating John Cusack, which is unconfirmed and, we hope, untrue. Dude is like the national chairmen of Sensitive Guys For Women Who Don’t Like Men Much.