15 Illegally Hot Crime Film Babes

The crime comedy Seven Psychopaths hits theaters this weekend, and it looks as though at least two of said psychopaths will be attractive women. It's always the beautiful ones that are crazy, isn't it? Following that theme, we've pulled together a gallery of the hottest babes from crime films.

Abbie Cornish, Seven Psychopaths The film's already receiving high praise from critics, but in case you need some more convincing...

Blake Lively, Savages Her role as the kidnapped shared-girlfriend of two drug dealers is a far cry from her Gossip Girl origins.

Catherine Zeta Jones, Entrapment Watching a woman wriggle through a field of security lasers has never been so sexy.

Elizabeth Banks, Man On a Ledge She plays a police negotiator trying to talk a man out of jumping from a building. They should’ve just showed him this picture.

Eva Mendes, We Own the Night She can own whatever she wants.

Jordana Brewster, Fast Five As long as they keep putting her in these movies, we’ll keep watching them.

Juno Temple, Killer Joe The film finds her playing a girl who conspires to kill her mother. The contrast between cute blonde girl and would-be murderer is creepy to say the least.

Rebecca Hall, The Town We can thank Ben Affleck for casting this one. And then subsequently hooking up with her in the movie. That sly dog.

Thandie Newton, RocknRolla We'd probably turn to a life of crime if it meant teaming up with Newton.

Kate Beckinsale, Contraband We almost didn’t recognize her in a non-vampire-related role.

Monica Bellucci, Shoot ’Em Up The movie was goofy, bloody and—thanks to Bellucci—sexy.

Rooney Mara, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Admittedly her Dragon Tattoo makeup was a little off-putting, but some dudes are into that.

Vera Farmiga, The Departed There’s a reason the two main characters were unwittingly competing for her.

Yvonne Strahovski, Killer Elite Why do the murderers and thieves get all the babes?

Zoe Saldana, Colombiana Even as a stone cold killer she still melts hearts.