15 Sexy Throwback Babes

Most of us enjoy looking at hot young actresses, right? Right. Thing is, there are so many of them out there we sometimes forget that the older actresses of today were those sexy up-and-comers a few years back. Okay, a lot of years back. Take a look at the following 15 older stars who flaunted their looks back in the day.

Helen Mirren Mirren is still looking good at 67, but back in the day she was a bona fide head-turner.

Jane Fonda Barbarella anyone?

Raquel Welch There was a time when Welch was the most sought-after woman in the world. We can see why.

Susan Sarandon Sarandon has aged well, which is probably why she was cast in SNL's "Mother Lover" video. Of course, she wasn't too bad in her youth either.

Jane Birkin You're more likely to see her daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, in big-name films these days, but at the peak of her career Birkin was an actress, musician and international sexy symbol rolled into one.

Sophia Loren Her name is basically synonymous with beauty, and for good reason.

Betty White Yes, long before Golden Girls or her reemergence on the scene as a hilarious older woman, White was a pretty young thing working her way up in Hollywood.

Jane Seymour She was a Bond girl, a medicine woman and a foxy older lady in Wedding Crashers. Most importantly, though, she was super hot when she was young.

Angie Dickinson It might be strange to think of a woman in her eighties as having been sexy at one point, but we've got the photographic evidence right here. Fun fact: her legs were once insured for $1 million.

Ellen Barkin In her younger days, she spent some time posing seductively on motorcycles. Thanks for that, Ellen.

Sally Field She was never quite a sexy symbol, but Field did show off her stuff on more than a few occasions in her youth.

Sigourney Weaver Remember that one scene in Alien? Yeah you do.

Brigitte Bardot To this day, Bardot is still one of France's greatest contributions to the world.

Meryl Streep She's one of the most respected actresses of her generation. And she was nice to look at in her day.

Michelle Pfeiffer We all remember the Catwoman suit.