15 Time Traveling Hotties

"The hottest actresses from time travel movies" sounds like kind of a niche subject, right? You'd be surprised. Turns out there are, on average, 947 time travel movies released each year, all of which have at least one attractive female in the cast. We're sort of guesstimating on that number, but you get the idea. Anyhow, with Looper hitting theaters this week, now's as good a time as any to check out the best of these time-traveling hotties. Enjoy.

Rachel McAdams, The Time Traveler’s Wife Throughout the film, Eric Bana (the titular time traveler) spends years desperately trying to reunite with Rachel McAdams across space and time. We can't blame the guy one bit.

Gemma Arterton, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Sure, the movie wasn't all that great, but getting to see Gemma Arterton in full belly dancer attire is never a bad thing. Same goes for sexy lingerie.

Amy Smart, The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect was too complicated. Looking at this picture is much easier.

Emily Blunt, Looper The production stills from Looper show a fierce-looking Emily Blunt wielding a shotgun. We love a girl who can handle firearms.

Paula Patton, Déjà vu The film finds Denzel Washington using time travel to prevent Paula Patton from dying in the past. And also to stop a crazy bomb-wielding terrorist or whatever, but we know what his real motivation was.

Piper Perabo, Looper Her name is fun to say.

Lea Seydoux, Midnight In Paris Her character doesn't have many lines, but when she does speak it's with that amazing French accent of hers, which instantly makes her the most attractive woman in the film.

Alice Eve, Men In Black 3 We'd be perfectly content watching Alice Eve watch paint dry. Watching her in a movie is pretty cool too.

Anna Friel, Land of the Lost More like Land of the HOT. Right? Right, guys? Moving on...

Nicole Scherzinger, Men In Black 3 For some strange reason we completely forgot what we were going to write here.

Lyndsy Fonseca, Hot Tub Time Machine Know how hot Lyndsy Fonseca is? So hot she made eighties hair look good in this movie. Kind of.

Bingbing Li, The Forbidden Kingdom We came for the kung fu. We stayed for the Bingbing.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Science of Sleep As the daughter of legendary babe Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg has a lot to live up to. We'd say she's doing just fine.

Jessica Pare, Hot Tub Time Machine Before she was Megan Draper, she was that topless chick from Hot Tub Time Machine. Still not sure which we like better.

Keira Knightley, The Jacket We were kind of disappointed by the lack of focus on actual jackets in this movie, but Keira Knightley pretty much made up for it.