16 MMA Ring Girls So Hot It Hurts

We love to watch a good MMA fight any day, but let’s be honest here: part of us is just watching for the ring girls. They're an integral part of the sport in their own right and make for a fine distraction between rounds. Emphasis on fine. You're likely to see a few of them at the Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale this weekend, but until then, meet 16 MMA ring girls so hot it hurts.

Nicole Mejia Hailing from the Florida-based Championship Fighting Association, Nicole Mejia looks as good circling the ring in spandex as she does lying on a couch in what we assume is the latest swimwear from Brazil.

Suzanne Nakata We understand Suzanne Nakata has a degree in psychology. So far, we're pretty glad she's not putting it to use.

Brittney Palmer One of the more notable ring girls to emerge from the UFC, Brittney Palmer gained so much attention Playboy asked her to do a nude spread. Wait until you're home to Google it.

Chrissy Blair This Strikeforce hottie also works as a professional fashion model. Hence the artsy-but-still-sexy hardwood floor shot.

Chandella Powell Chandella Powell retired from her ringside duties earlier this year, but her legacy lives on.

Arianny Celeste Arianny Celeste is easily MMA's most famous ring girl, and for good reason. Like Palmer, she's done a Q&A with Made Man.

Kelli Hutcherson Not sure what's going on in that bathroom, but we like it.

Ashley Salazar Before she was a smoking hot ring babe, Ashley Salazar served in the U.S. Air Force as a medical technician. Somehow that only makes her hotter.

Corissa Furr On her Twitter page, Corissa Furr bills herself as a sneaker freak, an animal lover and a former band geek. She could bill herself as a mentally unstable cat lady who steals people's shoes and we'd still be in love.

Donna Lazarescu Apparently she's a pre-med student from Romania. Seriously, where do they find these girls? (Besides Romania.)

Ayumi Sogawa MMA isn't limited to English-speaking countries, and neither are sexy ring girls. Ayumi Sogawa resides in the Philippines, where she lends her talents to Pacific Xtreme Combat.

Lindsey Way A former Hooters girl, Lindsey Way made it to the Octagon after being selected from a national contest to represent the restaurant chain at UFC 132.

Jade Bryce This Bellator girl also did a Playboy shoot. Again, don't look it up in public.

Kendra Schnell A regular at Las Vegas Tuff-N-Uff fights, Kendra Schnell says she likes steak, pizza and go-karts. Dream girl material right here.

Rachelle Leah This California native has been a working ring girl since she started modeling at the age of 19. Some career choices just work out well for all of us, don't they?

Shannon Ihrke Coincidentally, this outfit isn't too different from what she wears to work.