16 Nickelodeon Girls Who Got Hot

Whatever happened to those Nickelodeon actresses we crushed on as kids? They grew up is what happened, and in a lot of cases they grew up into attractive young ladies we can crush on all over again. In a manly, grown-up way of course. Just take a gander at 16 of the hottest former (and in some cases current) Nick babes.

Amanda Bynes Probably the best-known Nick girl of all time, Amanda Bynes has done a few films after starring in The Amanda Show for years. Fortunately for us, she has also done a few photo shoots.

Victoria Justice At 19, she’s barely out of the Nick universe at this point, but Victoria Justice still merits a top spot on this list. Legs don’t lie.

Emma Roberts She’s making moves to become a film star at this point, but Emma Roberts started out on the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous before going on to appear in a couple of Nick movies.

Meagan Good Meagan Good tends to do more serious roles these days. Hard to believe her first big acting gig involved talking to a puppet child on the Nick series Cousin Skeeter.

Melissa Joan Hart As the star of Clarisa Explains it All, Melissa Joan Hart was one of the biggest child actors of the nineties. When she grew up a little she did a few movies (and a few photo shoots like this one) before succumbing to real life, getting married and having kids, contributing to a new generation of young tykes who will never know what it's like to have Clarissa explain things to them.

Michelle Trachtenberg Michelle Trachtenberg got her start on the always-weird series The Adventures of Pete and Pete, then starred in her own Nick movie, Harriet the Spy, a role that made her a nineties child icon. Now she’s a nineties-child-who-got-hot icon. Which is a thing, because we say so.

Christine Taylor Before popping up in every popular comedy from the past 15 years (The Wedding Singer, Zoolander, Dodgeball) and marrying Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor got her start on the Nick series Hey Dude.

Elisha Cuthbert The girl next door herself was just another teen actor in the late nineties, happy to score a role on the long-running Nick show Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Nathalia Ramos Spanish actress Nathalia Ramos’ connection to Nickelodeon is slim at best, given that she only appeared in one episode of a recent Nick show. But what were we going to do? Not put a picture of her in this gallery?

Brooke Nevin Remember when they made Animorphs into a TV show on Nickelodeon? Neither does anyone else because it got canceled after about seven minutes, but Brooke Nevin starred in the ill-fated series. She also appeared in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? And in the sports comedy film The Comebacks, hence the football-themed bra.

Jessica Alba Early in her career, Jessica Alba acted in three episodes of the Nick silver age series The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Brenda Song Brenda Song had an early role on the Nick show 100 Good Deeds for Eddie McDowd. She still acts in a lot of kid-oriented stuff, though she made the jump to the Disney boat at some point.

Shannon Woodward Now best known for her starring role on the popular Fox series Rasing Hope, Shannon Woodward appeared in three episodes of Clarissa Explains it All as a kid.

Alanis Morissette If you watched the Nick variety show You Can’t Do That On Television back in the mid-eighties, you might have caught a young Alanis Morissette, before she went all alternative.

Ariana Grande Ariana Grande is young enough that she's still appearing in Nick productions, including a couple roles alongside fellow Nick girl Victoria Justice.

Alexa Nikolas We're not sure what former Nick actress Alexa Nikolas is going for in this picture, but for some reason it kind of works.