20 Great Men We’ll Miss

If 2011 was a tough year for losing great men, 2012 was a disaster. So much so that we couldn’t pick just 12. Instead, we decided to honor a solid 20. As we near the end of our Men of the Moment program, here’s a tribute to these icons’ lives—and their inimitable style.

Andy Griffith Known For: Bringing Southern-fried comedy to the masses on The Andy Griffith Show. Giving your grandmother something to fall asleep to on Matlock. Style Tip: The bow tie is no longer the “conservative nose ring.”

Don Cornelius Known For: Founding Soul Train, black America’s American Bandstand. Style Tip: Big shoulders, pinstripes and a bold tie will have you looking like a powerhouse.

Adam Yauch Known For: Fighting for your right to party. Style Tip: The casual hip-hop thing can be done well into old age if you’re doing it right. We simply can’t say enough about matching tracksuits.

Dave Brubeck Known For: Inspiring an entire generation of jazz musicians with his iconic “Take Five.” Style Tip: The right glasses for your face will fit so well that you’ll look strange without them.

Larry Hagman Known For: Commanding a genie. Getting shot in Dallas. Style Tip: When you buy a cowboy hat, make sure it’s a Texas-sized cowboy hat.

Russell Means Known For: Native American activism and running for Vice President with Larry Flynt, who somehow survived him. Style Tip: Not every man that can rock braids, but when you’re in with Means and Willie Nelson, you’re in good company.

Andy Williams Known For: Your grandmother’s favorite Christmas songs. Style Tip: Teeth can’t really ever be white enough.

Neil Armstrong Known For: Taking one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind. Style Tip: If you think a Navy uniform gets the ladies’ interest, try dressing up as an astronaut.

Jerry Nelson Known For: Counting. Style Tip: When you let your hands do the talking, you can wear whatever kind of headband you want.

Tony Scott Known For: A little movie called Top Gun. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Style Tip: Let your work speak for itself. Then no one will dare mention your pink baseball cap.

Gore Vidal Known For: Epic literary battles with Christopher Hitchens and Christopher Buckley, among others. Style Tip: Your suit absolutely, positively needs to be tailored. The cane is optional.

Sherman Hemsley Known For: Movin’ on up. Style Tip: The three-piece suit never goes out of style. And if you’re already a badass, it will only make you look more so.

Ernest Borgnine Known For: Being in every movie made in the 1970s. His 38-day marriage to Ethel Merman. Airwolf. Style Tip: Larger men take note—Borgnine was big and always looked great.

Jon Lord Known For: Pioneering heavy metal keyboards in Deep Purple. Style Tip: The ponytail can just as easily make you look like a learned music scholar as a New Age crystal healer. It’s all in how you carry it.

Ray Bradbury Known For: Pioneering speculative fiction with The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451. Style Tip: Bold frames on big men can’t miss.

Richard Dawson Known For: Kissing your mom on Family Feud. Style Tip: Wide lapels, never. Vest, sometimes. Power tie, always.

Mike Wallace Known For: Being the face of 60 Minutes for basically your entire life. Style Tip: There’s a fine line when it comes to greasier hair products, but Wallace walked it expertly.

Ben Gazzara Known For: Road House. Style Tip: A clean white suit is just about one of the best looks any man can don.

Andy Rooney Known For: Venting his spleen on 60 Minutes. Style Tip: Slightly disheveled works even when you’re wearing a suit.

George McGovern Known For: Fighting to end the draft. One of the most epic presidential losses ever. Style Tip: We know all your friends say that you should shave your head if you’re losing your hair, but mark our words: 2013 is the year that the comb over comes back hard.