20 Hot NFL Cheerleading Shots

The NFL season kicks off today, which means one thing: cheerleaders. And football, yes, but for the sake of this gallery we're going to spend some time focusing on the non-game entertainment. Enjoy.

Cheeky Welcome to Miami.

Laugh it Up Clearly she's happy to see us.

Cowgirls Those outfits haven't changed much over the past few decades, and for good reason.

Ab-solutely The Vikings know how to design cheerleading attire.

Falcon Punch! Or in this case, Falcon Smile Sexily At the Camera.

Single File Bet you didn't notice the sad panther lurking in the background.

Charge! When it's 74 and sunny in your town year round, the girls tend to look really good.

Close Up Guess everything really is bigger in Texas.

Swimming With the Dolphins We'd take a dip with this aquatic mammal.

Sick Do Even mid hair-whip, this Redskins girl is photogenic.

Look Up There The Dolphins squad checks the weather.

Saintly She'll come marching right into your heart.

Group Effort The Redskins girls travel in packs.

More Dolphins? We just can't get enough of them.

City by the Bay It gets a little windy at Candlestick.

Oh Hey What's up?

Dramatic Pose This Seahawks babe looks more like a Marvel superhero.

Keep It Tight Well hello there, St. Louis.

Welcome to Tampa The Dolphins aren't the only Florida squad making a strong showing.

Seeing Triple It's like she's standing between two mirrors that reflect sexiness.