20 Style Fails Women Hate

Women can be a tough species to figure out. What attracts one may repel another. But there are certain fashion moves that will turn off almost any self-respecting lady. To discover these universal sins, we went to the source and asked a handful of female stylists and fashion bloggers to share their biggest style turnoffs. Avoid them, or go home alone.

Overly decorative jeans “Jeans with a lot of embellishment on them, multiple tones or 14 pockets—that’s 10 years ago. Donate those. Your jeans should be crisp, clean and simple.” —Nisonja McGary, stylist who has dressed guys like Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise

Baggy jeans “Where’s the sex appeal in looking like you have four legs?” —JaKenna Gilbert, style blogger at JaKenna Changing

Double-pleated khakis “They are so 1980. If you’re wearing those, you’re not getting laid.” —Toni Ferrara, stylist for guys like Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Seacrest

Overly casual outfits (e.g. under-dressing for date night) “There’s nothing worse than a woman getting dressed up for a night out and her man is just wearing a T-shirt and jeans. It looks like you don’t care.” —McGary

Sports sunglasses in non-sports situations “Your wraparound Oakleys belong on the mountain, not at a restaurant.” —Liz Finkelstein, style consultant in Boulder, Colorado

Dirty sneakers “If you’re out with a girl, don’t wear the shoes that you wear every day with your buddies. Dirty sneakers will ruin your whole outfit.” —McGary

Jerseys “Where the hell does a grown-ass man think he is going in a jersey? The worst is when he puts it on with jeans as if it is appropriate going-out attire. The players wear it as a uniform. You don’t catch them out in their jerseys with jeans on. And it has their name on it.” —Kim Turner, style blogger at Fashion Cents

Athletic socks with dress shoes “That’s awful.” —Ferrara

Trucker hats “These will never be acceptable. Fuck you, Ashton.” —Beca Alexander, style blogger at Fashion Indie

General sloppiness “Your shirt doesn’t have to be tucked in necessarily, but it shouldn’t be wrinkled.” —McGary

Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale gear “Leave that to the college kids.” —Finkelstein

Clothing with small animals on it “I understand the Vineyard Vines culture, but at a certain point, you can't take someone seriously with miniature fish on their pants.” —Gilbert

Scuffed-up dress shoes “Trust me, a woman is embarrassed to be out with a guy who can’t take care of his shoes.” —Turner

Too-short pants “When you sit down, we shouldn’t be able to see halfway up your calf. That’s not attractive.” —Ferrara

Ed Hardy shirts “Just don’t.” —Ferrara

Naked wrists “If a guy doesn’t own a watch or has nothing on his wrists, that’s a turnoff. A watch is an important finishing detail on a man.” —Ferrara

Earrings “Don’t have earrings. They are douchey and remind us of Bruce Jenner. No one wants to date that guy.” —Alexander

Visible undershirts “I don’t want to see a tank top underneath your dress shirt, or your undershirt peeking out through your button-down.” —Finkelstein

Cheap-looking shoes “They are ugly and we notice.” —Finkelstein

Socks with sandals “Yuck!!” —Ferrara