10 Things Every Man Needs

Spring is well underway, and it’s high time to start shedding the old and welcoming the new. Specifically with gear and gadgets. Looking to get your hands on the greatest goods this season? From cameras, headphones and grills to an end table that chills your beer, start with the top 10 of our 2012 Spring Gadget and Gear Guide here.Note: Looking for more personality-specific items? Check out part 2 of the guide, The Best Gear For Your Style.

SOG Access Card 2.0 Knife Want an everyday-carry knife but don’t like the look of a conspicuous bulge in your pocket? SOG has taken the liberty of stripping their Access Card knife of all unnecessary weight and components, reducing it to the bare essentials: handle and blade. $92, www.sogknives.com

Lodge Logic Sportsman’s Grill The ideal portable grill is compact, efficient and solidly constructed. The Logic Sportsman’s Grill wins on all three counts, and boasts a body made from Lodge’s cast iron. A front-facing door makes it easy to tend the coals inside, and the adjustable height renders it a truly versatile cooking device. $140, www.lodgemfg.com

Nikon D3100 Digital photography is advancing by leaps and bounds, and quality photo equipment is becoming more and more accessible. With a 14.2 megapixel format, 1080p HD cinematic video capture and an array of settings to fine-tune your pics, the D3100 is the perfect way to transition from your old point-and-shoot to the next level. $650, www.nikonusa.com

Boxee Boxee is one of the many computer-to-television streaming devices to have hit the market in recent months. It simplifies the streaming process, allowing you to view just about any file format stored on your hard drive (video or otherwise) on your television. Same goes for online streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. It’s all the entertainment you enjoy on your computer in couch-friendly TV format. $199, www.boxee.tv

Philips Norelco Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer The three-day stubble look is in, so much so that Philips Norelco released this trimmer designed specifically to keep your beard at stubble level. With a built-in vacuum, it also sucks away your trimmings, making the post-shave cleanup a thing of the past. $60, www.usa.philips.com

iOmount iOstand If you’ve looked around for a tablet stand, you’re probably aware the market is just about flooded with them. The iOStand stands out with its unique swiveling ball and minimalist design, providing a stylish home base for your iPad or similar device. $89, www.iomounts.com www.iomounts.com

Marshall Headphones The guys who brought us rock 'n' roll’s most iconic amps know a thing or two about building awesome audio devices. Naturally, their headphones offer one of the clearest listening experiences you can wrap around your ears. $130, www.marshallheadphones.com

Mophie Juicepack Powerstation If you’re on the go and away from civilization (or civilization that has power outlets, anyway), your best bet for keeping your devices up and running is an external battery. The USB-powered Mophie Juicepack Powerstation can provide more than a full day of charge to a smartphone or similar device, and its rugged, versatile exterior opens it up to all manner of travel or camping excursions. $130, www.mophie.com

William Wallet A wallet doesn’t need to be two inches thick and loaded with pockets to carry all your essentials. It can be as simple as two aluminum plates bounded together by a latex band, as in Wintercheck Factory’s decidedly unique William Wallet design. $30, www.wintercheckfactory.com

The Man Table The name alone should be enough to sell this clever contraption. Plug one of these in next to your favorite recliner, toss a few beers in and revel in the fact that you’ll never have to walk to the kitchen in the middle of the game again. $364-$379, www.mantables.com