21 More Hot Olympians of London 2012

We recently gave you a round-up of the 20 hottest Olympians of London 2012. Thing is, there are way more than just the 20 girls on that list. So here are 21 more for your consideration. Enjoy.

Leryn Franco — Track and Field You might not know it from this picture, but Franco can throw a javelin like few others. She’s also a professional model, which you probably could tell from this picture.

Heather Mitts — Soccer Mitts is a defender, which means she spends a decent amount of time knocking people around. She’s also married to NFL quarterback A.J. Feely. Their children will one day dominate some sport.

The Australian Synchronized Swimming Team Truth be told, we’re a little overwhelmed right now.

Ellen Hoog — Field Hockey Field hockey doesn’t get much attention on the world stage. With Hoog on the field though, the Dutch team might be turning a few more heads.

Sophie Polkamp — Field Hockey Hoog’s teammate, Polkamp, will probably help with that too.

Marsha Marescia — Field Hockey The South African team isn't looking too shabby either.

Ana Ivanovic — Tennis Serbian Ivanovic has been at or near the top of the world tennis rankings throughout much of her career. Growing up in a war-torn region, she had to train in the mornings to avoid aerial bombardments and often practiced in an abandoned swimming pool during the winter because no other facilities were available. No quips here, just respect.

Francesca Piccinini — Volleyball London marks Piccinini’s fourth Summer Games, making her the hottest Olympic volleyball veteran on the court.

Antonija Mišura — Basketball This Croatian hoopster may not play a whole lot, but she just might be the hottest on this list.

Jennifer Abel — Diving We’re obligated to root for our fellow Americans in every event, but we have to tip our hats to our neighbors in the north for producing some impressive divers and more than a few beautiful women. Canadian Abel meets both criteria.

Marlen Esparza — Boxing Wonder what it would be like to date a girl who could pummel you into submission…

Federica Pellegrini — Swimming Pellegrini (who you may have guessed is Italian) currently holds the world records for the 200 m freestyle and 400 m freestyle.

Jacqueline Carvalho — Volleyball We actually wouldn’t be surprised if that was the official uniform of the Brazillian national squad.

Jennifer Kessy and April Ross — Beach Volleyball Gotta love beach volleyball.

Marketa Slukova and Kristyna Kolocova — Beach Volleyball These Czech chicks are just reinforcing the previous point.

Romy Tarangul — Judo Wonder what it would be like to date a girl who could judo chop you into submission...