23 Sexy Celebrity Santa Babes

What is it that’s so appealing about hot girls dressed up in an old fat guy’s clothing? Hard to say, but the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without them. Consider this gallery of sexy celebrity babes in Santa gear our holiday gift to you.

Barbara Palvin The 19-year-old lingerie model donned St. Nick's skimpiest apparel for the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Giselle Bundchen This one toes the line between “sexy Santa” and “why the f*ck does she have wings” but we’ll let it slide.

Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria's Secret should consider producing only fur-trimmed lingerie from now on.

Jessica Lowndes She’s in the show 90210, which means you’ve never seen her before. (Or have you?)

Naya Rivera Forgive the poor image quality, but the Glee actress Tweeted this picture recently and we just couldn't leave it out.

Michelle Monaghan The only thing that could make a sexy Santa outfit even sexier is the potential for gun-related violence. Or just straight-up nudity, but we’ll settle for the gun thing.

Katy Perry As if you needed to see another picture of Katy Perry looking good. Teenage Dream indeed.

Lucy Pinder Apparently when they’re not busy drinking Earl Grey tea and hunting foxes or whatever, the Brits spend most of their time cultivating gorgeous large-chested glamour models.

Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh See?! OK, point made.

Heidi Klum Seal, you damn fool.

Jennifer Lamiraqui Chances are you’ve seen her in one of those Hanes commercials. Chances are you had no idea you were watching a Hanes commercial because you were too busy looking at Jennifer Lamiraqui in her underwear.

Mariah Carey Please don't kiss the dog, please don't kiss the dog...

Tyra Banks She might be arguably insane, but Tyra Banks can still rock the hell out of a Santa outfit.

Elizabeth Banks Hot, right? You probably didn’t even notice the kid with the mustache standing next to her.

Cora Skinner It's not technically much of a Santa suit, but we don't technically much care.

The Girls of Jewelry Park Jung Ah, Seo In Young, Ha Joo Yun, and Kim Eun Jung comprise the South Korean girl band Jewelry. Do they celebrate Christmas in Korea? If not, this might be a good selling point. Get on that, Hallmark.

Denise Milani *Jaw hits floor. Jaw stays on floor.*

Aaliyah Johnson So she’s not really a celebrity, but we couldn’t in good faith leave this one out. Happy holidays.