45 Hot Halloween Costumes

Let's get straight to the point: the two things that make Halloween great are the parties and the girls at the parties. It's an unwritten law that all females—including cheerleaders—must dress as sexy as possible when stepping out for late-October festivities. In anticipation of this phenomenon, we've pulled together a gallery of particularly notable costumes we've spotted lately, including at LA's infamous Kandy Halloween party. Enjoy.

The one in blue seems to going for a minimalist police officer look.

Very nice... plumage.

That's one way to sell vodka.

Ali G, you sly dog.

A classic dichotomy.

Suddenly thirsty...

The sexiest optical illusion you'll see all day.

Sara Jean Underwood shows off her non-existent cheerleading outfit.

Twins? Twins!

Based on actual Navy uniforms.

Miranda Kerr demonstrates how to blend sex appeal with old-school class.

That's one duck face we can put up with.

Wait a minute... those aren't clothes at all!

Always wear sunscreen.

And finally: the smartest man in the world.