5 Killer Whiskey Cocktails

Diehard whiskey connoisseurs might scoff at the idea of mixing their precious brown with any other liquid, but a well-made mixed drink is one of the best ways to enjoy the stuff. Sip on one any of these five classic cocktails—with recipes from our friends at Liquor.com—for a damn fine whiskey drinking experience.

Employees Only Manhattan No one knows for sure when the Manhattan first appeared, but it became an instant hit after emerging sometime in the mid 19th century. This version comes with a slight twist in the form of an added half ounce of Grand Marnier. Get the recipe.

Old Fashioned People who order the Old Fashioned these days are typically either cocktail buffs or Mad Men viewers. Both have excellent taste in drink, because this partly sweet, partly bitter concoction is one of the greatest cocktails ever devised. Get the recipe.

Rob Roy A close relative of the Manhattan, this simple drink differs from its cocktail cousin in its use of scotch instead of rye whiskey. Get the recipe.

Sazerac Bitters and more bitters characterize this New Orleans-born favorite, made with rye whiskey, absinthe, sugar and a combination of Peychaud’s and Angostura bitters. Get the recipe.

Whiskey Sour It's big boy lemonade in a rocks glass, and it's a mainstay on just about every bar menu in the Western world. Get the recipe.