5 Classic Cocktails, Twisted

You can't go wrong ordering a cocktail mainstay like an Old Fashioned or a Tom Collins (provided your bartender knows his stuff, of course). But for the adventurous drinker or amateur mixologist, variety is the key to enjoyment. Check out these five unique renditions of classic drinks, and click on the links for perfect recipes from Liquor.com. Salud!

Añejo Old Fashioned In an alternative universe, Mad Men takes place in Mexico City, and the Añejo Old Fashioned is Juan Draper's drink of choice. Get the recipe.

Bloody Roman Mary not doing it for you? Try this savory combination of dark beer, tomatoes, chopped chiles and oysters. You could probably serve the stuff as a dip if you wanted to. Get the recipe.

Spazerac Much like a traditional sazerac, but topped with a small dose of absinthe and blended to delicious slush with a few cubes of ice. Get the recipe.

Grapefruit Negroni In case the traditional Negroni doesn't look bloody enough for you already, throw in a few pieces of fresh grapefruit for a tart take on the classic Campari-based cocktail. Get the recipe.

Mango Collins Best enjoyed in a tropical locale, this colorful version of the Collins substitutes vodka for gin. Oh, and it has mango nectar in it, but you probably figured that out already. Get the recipe.