5 Adrenaline-Packed Outdoor Activities

It’s summer, and we’re all spending more time outdoors. But are you content to lounge in a hammock under a weeping willow, quietly stirring your lemonade as you contemplate your navel? Or do you want a visceral experience that tests your limits and truly makes you feel alive? Assuming you chose the latter, start here. —Jason Epstein

Ziplining in Hunter, New York Imagine careening through an open expanse of beautiful mountain scenery at more than 60 miles per hour... and then doing it five more times! The SkyRider Tour features the tallest, fastest and longest set of ziplines in North America. You’d be crazy not to try it.

Whitewater Rafting near Hope, Alaska Get your dry suit on and prepare yourself, because Six Mile Creek has Class III, IV and V rapids. Thanks to sections known as the Staircase, the Suckhole and Jaws, we’re not talking about a babbling brook here.

Sky Diving in Sebastian, Florida Finally, a sinking feeling that’s actually addictive. When you skydive in Sebastian, you’ll be hurtling toward the beautiful Floridian coastline, feeling freer than you ever have in your life. Just remember to pull that ripcord, Ace.

Climbing Breakneck Ridge near Cold Spring, New York Challenge your mind and body with this strenuous hike, which requires some tricky hand and footwork here and there (see above). The views from the top are stunning, and there’s a pretty cool abandoned mansion in the area, too.

Bungee Jumping the Navajo Bridge in Marble Canyon, Arizona With sky diving, everything is kind of surreal. But when you bungee jump from Navajo Bridge, you’re leaping off a slab of concrete and flying past steel girders toward certain death—until the cord kicks in. Feels pretty real, doesn’t it?