5 Tips for Surviving Las Vegas

Heading to Sin City? Thanks to some of the world’s best casinos, shows, nightlife and, of course, Wayne Newton, the town is a blast. But it’s also a meat grinder, chewing up and spitting out unprepared tourists on a daily basis. Once again, the party planning folks at A.W.O.L. have your back, with the following tips from Nina Brunello (above, right), accompanied by photos of equally lovely fellow A.W.O.L.-ers. Take notes.

1. Pace yourself You’re going to party all day, and well into the morning, for several days, so arrive in Vegas well rested. Make sure to stay hydrated! If you get too drunk, go back to your room and take a nap. The party will surely be going when you wake up, regardless of the hour. That’s part of the beauty of Vegas—you can leave at any point, and when you’re ready to jump back in, you can always find some fun!

2. Eat wisely Breakfast is key! Feed yourself real nutrition like a spinach omelet and at night, carb up with pasta or bread. You’ll need the energy for the non-stop dancing, swimming and playing. Dinners with fellow partiers are also a big part of the experience. Make new friends, and by the time you hit the club you’ll have plenty of dance partners. If you’re joining us at A.W.O.L. STRIP, be sure to take advantage of our discounts at awesome restaurants and try something new.

3. Time your naps I strongly recommend napping between the hours of 7 a.m. and 12 p.m., and 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. You’re not going to want to sleep any time outside those hours—you could miss some action!

4. Avoid fake fuel Stay away from energy drinks—they simply cover up your body telling you to rest or take it easy. Give your body what it really wants—a nap, some water and food! You need fuel in order to make it through the long weekend, and a sugar-filled energy drink is not the solution. Remember: sugar high, sugar low!

5. Save some for the after parties Real partiers are infamous for watching the sun rise. Whether it be over the arch and ocean in Cabo, the Hollywood Hills on a rooftop in Los Angeles, the snow-capped Tahoe mountains or the infamous Las Vegas Strip, your best memories happen afterhours. Remember that while you’re slamming shots of tequila at 11pm—it’s going to be a long night!