6 Awesome New Ultrabooks

Out of the gates, ultrabooks appealed to the techie on the go, combining practicality and function into one super-slim package. Now brands are adding standout features with sleek aesthetics to make the selection of your next PC a no-brainer. Check out these six sexy new breeds that just hit the market.

Acer Aspire S5 Features: This super-PC has a Thunderbolt port to make for lightning-fast transfers, and AcerCloud provides access to data across all of your devices. To maintain a razor-thin profile, Acer has introduced MagicFlip, which conceals and protects all ports when the shell is closed. Cost: $1,399 Get It Now: Acer.com

Toshiba Satellite U845-S406 Features: Toshiba’s latest upconverts media to HD and keeps devices charging even when powered off. It also has a multi-touch fingerpad for seamless browsing. Cost: $879 Get It Now: Toshiba.com

HP Spectre XT Features: HP’s award-winning Spectre upgrade is incredibly tough despite its glass build. The sexy backlit keyboard auto-adjusts to movement, while the media wireless capabilities make connection a breeze. Cost: $999 Get It Now: HP.com

Asus U47 Features: Less than one inch thick, the slim but strong U47 boasts graphics good enough for gaming and also charges devices when powered off. Cost: $799 Get It Now: Asus.com

Samsung 5 Features: A 500GB hard drive ensures space for even the biggest file collection and makes the 5 ridiculously peppy. Samsung also added memory card and CD slots and plenty of USB room, which some ultrabooks lack. Cost: $749 Get It Now: Samsung.com

Lenovo Ideapad U300S Features: The flashy Ideapad's RapidCharge brings battery life to 50 percent in just 30 minutes and provides up to 30 days standby time. Meanwhile, BIOS-embedded GPS theft protection keeps your investment safe. Cost: $1,399 Get It Now: Lenovo.com