6 Must-Try Summer Sandwiches

Whether it’s hot or cold, sweet or salty, sloppy or... less sloppy, a kickass sandwich can’t be beat this time of year. Especially when combined with a cold beer, outside seating and the pleasant thought of just how far winter is from making life miserable once again. So here are six summer sammies you’ve gotta sink your teeth into—and the best places to get them. —Jason Epstein

Lobster Roll: Shaw’s Fish and Lobster Wharf Restaurant in New Harbor, Maine Why it’s awesome: The sweetness of fresh Maine lobster meets the creaminess of mayo, the crunch of lettuce and the doughy goodness of a simple hot dog bun. It’s an upscale filling in an unpretentious vessel, and it just works. Bonus points for the side of Ruffles. More info: shawswharf.com

BBQ Pork: Checkered Pig BBQ in Martinsville and Danville, Virginia Why it’s awesome: We don’t know who Tommy is, but his Bar-B-Que sandwich is a mountain of sweet, smoky pulled pork infused with a thick and sticky sauce, served up on a soft on the inside, crusty on the outside bun. Pig-flavored perfection. More info: checkerdpig.com

Bratwurst: Sheboygan Bratwurst Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin Why it’s awesome: The best brats are ones you make yourself, so check out Sheboygan’s awesome variety and order up a few pounds of jalapeño cheddar, mushroom and Swiss, Cajun, onion and garlic, apple and more. Share with friends, of course. More info: bratwurst.net

Chicken Salad: Dave’s Hoagie House in Cypress, Texas Why it’s awesome: Crisp lettuce, sliced tomato, chunky chicken salad, secret spices and toasted almonds on a big ol’ bakery fresh hoagie. Grab an extra one to go. You know you want to. More info: daveshoagiehouse.com

Muffuletta: Napoleon House in New Orleans Why it’s awesome: Get yourself a whole (which serves two) for under $15, and gaze in awe at its mix of Italian and Jewish cold cuts, Swiss and provolone cheeses, and garlicky house-made Italian olive salad on a soft, round Muffuletta loaf. Muffu-love-it. More info: napoleonhouse.com

BBQ Beef Brisket: Smokin’ Warehouse Barbecue in San Francisco Why it’s awesome: Slow and low is how they cook this magical stuff, before topping with sweet, tangy BBQ sauce and serving on a humble sub roll. Scientifically proven to melt in your mouth. More info: smokinwarehouse.blogspot.com