7 Sharp Knives for Everyday Carry

A good knife is more than just a requisite for outdoor excursions—it's a tool to be carried alongside your wallet, cell phone and other everyday items, ready to go when you need it in a pinch. Maybe you have to open a box, cut a piece of twine or do something as simple as slice an apple. Whatever the task, you'll be glad you kept your blade handy when the time comes. Here are seven knives fit for everyday carry.

Benchmade 3150 Impel A two-inch long blade built into a three-inch machined aluminum handle, the Impel sports an auto-open button for quick use and a pocket clip for easy storage. $160, benchmade.com

Spyderco Cricket If size is you're chief concern, the small but versatile Cricket makes for an excellent choice. At just 2.75 inches long when closed, it'll fit snugly into a pocket or bag. The ultra thin handle offers minimal weight, while the curved tip is designed for precision cutting. $110, benchmade.com

Buck 110 Ecolite Buck's signature knife is light but tough, and fit for both everyday carry and outdoor use. It measures nearly five-inches long when closed, giving the user a full-handed grip to ensure control. $47, buckknives.com

Sanrenmu LB-T01A A solid blade with a few extra components, the LB-T01A features a window breaker, belt cutter and bottle opener. $20, sanrenmu.com

Emerson Gentleman Jim Want something a little more heavy duty? The 8.55-inch long Gentleman Jim with 3.75-inch blade is an everyday-carry that thinks it's a hunting knife. $215, emersonknives.com

SOG Bladelight Folder If you find yourself cutting things in the dark, the Bladelight's built-in LEDs will be there to help, embedded at the top of the handle to illuminate the blade. $85, sogknives.com

TecX X-Alt A carbon fiber handle sets the X-Alt apart from the crowd, lending it both modern looks and a tough build. The 4.25-inch blade with partial serration offers more than enough cutting power, and a removable pocket clip makes it easy to store. $60, tecx.com