7 Standout Minimalist Wallets

Looking to step up from that old Costanza billfold? Wallets are taking on a variety of unique forms these days, with small manufacturers aiming for minimalist design, vintage looks and, above all, functionality. Most of these won't offer much space for old receipts or ticket stubs, though. Which is probably a good thing.

Daycraft Moneywrap Subtlety and simplicity are the driving forces behind the Moneywrap’s design. Abandoning pockets and card slots in favor of a single piece of folded leather that wraps around its contents, it’s such an intuitive system it almost seems too obvious. Anything more minimalist than this and you might as well just stick your money directly in your pocket. $57, TheMoneyWrap.com

Southern Field Industries Flap Wallet It looks like something out of an Americana museum, but the Flap Wallet is the product of Japan-based Southern Field Industries. Little more than a hand-stitched leather pouch, it’s designed to carry what you need and nothing else. $65, SouthernFieldStore.com

Dosh Luxe 3 Dosh produces an interesting lineup of highly modern wallets that utilize nylon, metal and rubber in place of your traditional leather. The Luxe 3 is a slim piece that encourages the user to trim his daily carry down to the essentials. $75, DoshBrand.com

Filson Outfitter A traditional bi-fold with a dual-fabric twist, the Outfitter pairs a leather body with a twill exterior for a cool two-tone look. $88, Filson.com

Hard Graft Phone Fold Plus For the man who prefers to consolidate his pocket contents, Hard Graft offers the highly functional leather and wool Phone Fold Plus. Designed with most rectangular smartphones in mind, it’s decked out with eight card slots, a cash pocket and a surprisingly slim body that’ll fit easily into any pocket. $118, HardGraft.com

Herschel Supply Hank Leather Sometimes all you need is a solid piece of rough leather and some good stitch-work to form an eye-catching cash-jockey. $60, HerschelSupply.com

Maxx and Unicorn Bi-Fold Brooklyn-based Maxx and Unicorn cuts and folds each of these wallets one by one from single pieces of leather. The result is a unique piece that defies traditional billfold design. $88, SupermarketHQ.com