7 Very Cool Beer Labels

Sometimes it’s not just the taste of what’s in a beer bottle that makes you smile but the style wrapped around it. Any male of drinking age recognizes the iconic blue ribbon of Pabst or Miller High Life’s lady on a crescent moon. But some microbreweries take bottle art to another level. Witness seven of the coolest beer labels—direct from the makers themselves—on the following pages. —Greg Barbera

Founders Double Trouble Which way is up? This double IPA’s label is best appreciated when the bottle is empty.

Uinta Crooked Line Tilted Smile This imperial pilsner’s name seems to allude to the facial expression folks get when they have their buzz on. And the dude’s shirt says it all: respect the 9%.

Jester King Black Metal Farmhouse Imperial Stout Not only does this killer stout scream when uncorked, it’ll make you want to don face paint and break out your King Diamond records.

Abita SOS You’ve heard of a message in a bottle, but how about a message on a bottle? Proceeds from the sale of this pilsner—brewed around the time of the oil spill in the Gulf Coast—go to help restore and preserve our coastal wetlands.

Odell Brewing Double Pilsner This crisp, seasonal pilsner packs a hardy punch. You know you want this label as a full piece tattoo on your back.

Avery Brewing Co. duganA Beer geeks spend hours pontificating on the pronunciation of this beer, but we’d rather spend our time with this bottle gazing at the shapely beauty, clad in see-through silk, floating amongst the clouds like a deity.

Blue Point Brewing Co. No Apologies Regrets. We’ve all had a few. From Frank Sinatra to Sid Vicious. But you won’t regret swillin’ a bottle of this 10% double IPA. And if the ransom note lettering and safety pin don’t make you reach for your old punk vinyl records, you can simply entertain yourself by reading the label.