8 TVs to Buy Before the Super Bowl

Breaking news: there’s a Super Bowl happening on February 2. Which means you have a couple of weeks to get to New Jersey and obtain tickets. Or better yet, watch the game in the comfort (and warmth) of your own home. Preferably on—from smallest to biggest—one of these….

LG 42" 1080p LED TVSort of the missionary position of HD TVs. Decent size, good picture, phenomenal price. Translation: You’ll be able to savor Bruno Mars’ pompadour just fine with this. $400, lg.com

Panasonic Smart Viera 50" Full HD Plasma TVFun fact: Panasonic will stop producing plasma TVs starting in March. So if you’re one of those people who swear that plasma TVs kick the arses of LED TVs, you’ll want to snatch up one of these babies before they’re gone forever. $700, shop.panasonic.com

Vizio 60" E-Series Razor LED Smart TV Vizio HD TVs were ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power & Associates, and this 60-incher is a good reason why. You get a huge, sleek TV with great picture for a pretty reasonable price. A real Super Bowl party crowd-pleaser. $1,000, store.vizio.com

Sony 65" 4K Ultra HD TVIf you’re willing to shell out for 4K Ultra HD (read: four times the resolution of 1080p), this is a rather badass option. Sony’s “X-Reality” picture processor enhances everything from sports to TV shows to Blu-Ray movies, essentially upscaling any HD content to 4K quality. $4,500, store.sony.com

Samsung 65" LED 9000 4K Ultra HD TVDid someone say 4K? Here is Samsung’s beautiful option, with very similar specs to the Sony. Stunning picture, smart features, et cetera et cetera. Assuming you’re not a 4K hater, this is a Brady-worthy bet. $4,500, samsung.com

Sony 70" R550 LED Internet TVThis behemoth boasts an LED backlit picture, which leads to better contrast. Plus, when you’re done watching the Super Bowl, you can use its smart features to connect with Netflix, Hulu, Skype and Amazon Prime. Or just make your emails really big. $2,300, store.sony.com

Vizio 80" M-Series Razor LED Smart TV with Theater 3D This sucker is ridiculously wide, razor thin (hence the name) and virtually borderless. It’s also loaded with stuff like Theater 3D and built-in wifi—so you can look up where the NFC team’s long snapper played his college ball while you’re sitting through Doritos commercials. $4,000, store.vizio.com

Toshiba 84" L9300U Ultra HD 4K LED TVAnd if you really want to see every wrinkle in that running back’s jock strap, there’s this bad boy. The nice thing is it features a 240Hz refresh rate, which creates clearer and smoother fast motion video. The not-so-nice thing? The price tag. You can basically get a brand-new Hyundai Elantra… or this. $17,000, toshiba.com