9 Pitchers We Wouldn’t Charge

Admit it: every time a batter gets beaned, you sit in rapt anticipation waiting for a brawl. Baseball fights are less common than hockey fights and for that reason somewhat more awesome. But it’s not always a good idea to rush outta the box full of piss and vinegar. Like, for instance, if the guy who tagged you is one of these hurly burly hurlers.

Carl Mays Mays is the only man to ever kill another player with a bean ball in the bigs, so charging might not even be an option.

Randy Johnson Sure, he’s skinny, but The Big Unit’s arms are nine feet long. It’d be like fighting Dhalsim from Street Fighter.

Bartolo Colon Sorry, Bartolo, but this is mostly a weight thing. Dude is under six feet, over 260 pounds. PED usage just adds to the fear factor.

John Rocker Rocker might not know karate, but he knows karazee. Better just take that base.

Dock Ellis Never pick a fight with a man who pitches a doubleheader on acid and amphetamines.

Rod Beck Would you mess with a real-life Kenny Powers? No. So why would you mess with Beck?

Babe Ruth Before he went to the Yankees and became a slugger, Ruth the pitcher earned a 10-game suspension for decking an umpire. Now that’s gangsta.

Nolan Ryan Opinions vary, most believe Ryan handled Robin Ventura like a champ, especially considering the 20-year age gap between the two.