Are you ready to take going down to the next level? Oral sex is one of the most pleasurable and orgasmic sex acts there is, so learning how to enjoy it is an essential part of having a very full (and very fun) sex life. Toward that end, here are some increasingly wild positions to try, for you, for her and for both…

1. For You: You Standing, Woman Kneeling
If porn is any indication, this is the most classic and beloved position for men. If she consents to it, place your hands on the back of her head while thrusting into her mouth. And make sure she looks up at you, it’s that much hotter.

2. For Her: Woman Standing, You Kneeling
For this more athletic cunnilingus approach, you can also simply sit, as indicated above. Your lady will feel more dominant, and you can capitalize on that feeling by having her stand in front of a mirror while you two get it on.

3. For Both: Classic 69
This position allows both participants to engage in oral sex at the same time. If you find that you’re getting too overstimulated to give to her, have your girl take a break and just enjoy the view.

4. For You: The Face Plow
This position is somewhat extreme and may take a little bit of effort on your gal’s part. She’ll be lying back with a couple pillows under her head to prop it up as you straddle her. Her throat will be bent, making her much more likely to gag, so have patience as she takes you in.

5. For Her: Face Sitting
Also known as “queening,” this position allows your partner to take a dominant role in getting eaten out. This position is best if you’re a giver with a sore neck. You have the option of staying still while she sways her hips the way she likes.

6. For Both: Sideways 69
Being on top of each other can become taxing. For the lazy couple, try this position where you lie side-by-side. It’s best for couples that have had a rough day but they still want to get off.

7. For You: Sideways Oral
In this one, you’re lying vertically while she’s lying horizontally, making a right angle. Depending on your size and her mouth, this one can make for a great deep throating position.

8. For Her: Doggy Style Oral
She’s on all fours while you’re going down on her from behind. It’s a great way to enjoy the view and even get a little backdoor action going too.

9. For Both: Upside-Down 69
This is an advanced move, so proceed with caution. You’re basically standing while holding the woman upside-down. Typically, she’d be in a handstand or simply hanging while you support her. You’ll need stable and strong abs, back and glute muscles—and it doesn’t hurt if she’s relatively fit as well.