Action! 15 Sharp Celeb Style Cues

Follow the lead of celebrities too often and you could end up in rehab, prison or, worst of all, a Zac Efron movie. But when it comes to fashion, you can safely take their cues. Just study these pointers on style and grooming from well-known guys who are killing it. Hey, somebody’s gotta be the Ryan Gosling of your town, right?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Keep it snug “Joseph tailors his suits and vests to fit his body perfectly. You might feel this is more fitted than your comfort zone, but remember we ladies like our men to look dapper, not droopy.” —Toni Ferrara, stylist for guys like Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Seacrest

David Beckham: Layer up “David Beckham is not afraid to layer. You’ll often see him in a scarf and a textured sweater. The layered look is an especially good option when you’re traveling.” —Nisonja McGary, stylist who has dressed guys like Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise

James Franco: Don’t shave every day “There is a fine line between rugged stubble and facial pubes. Franco kills the ‘I’m not even trying’ look with exactly the right amount of fuzz.” —Lena Sutherland, co-host, While the Men Watch

Russell Westbrook: Wear crazy shirts “Women like a man who can push the envelope when it comes to style. Russell does this with fun graphic shirts and bold colored accessories.” —Ferrara

Brad Pitt: Take risks “Brad Pitt can be tricky to imitate because he always takes risks with his style. But what makes it work is his attitude. Whatever he wears, he wears it with confidence.” —McGary

Kanye West: Evolve “Kanye West is a prime example of a man who has transitioned out of the baggy jeans and into polished suiting. As your fashion confidence grows, so should your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to elevate your style.” —Ferrara

James Harden: Grow a huge beard (maybe) “Guys like Baron Davis and James Harden have grown big, bushy beards and owned the look. If you pair it with the right accessories—or just confidence—you could look like a winner, not a lumberjack.” —Sutherland

Johnny Depp: Be whimsical “He’s similar to Brad Pitt. He’s not afraid to try things. He may not always match, but he wears it with confidence and he owns it because he’s so inspired.” —McGary

Ryan Gosling: Be polished “Gosling is one of the best-dressed guys in Hollywood because he’s always so polished. You usually see him in a tailored suit that fits him really well. Regular guys can pull off the same look with a less-expensive suit that they get tailored at their local dry cleaners.” —McGary

Justin Theroux: Toughen it up with leather “Theroux’s edgy combination of leather, T-shirt and jeans is effortless and yet screams bad boy.” —Ferrara

Kris Humphries: Embrace your curls “Curly hair can be a curse for a man without the skill to tame his locks. Kris handles his semi-fro with just enough gel to still look natural.” —Sutherland

Jamie Foxx: Wear sunglasses “Jamie always wears sunglasses. It tends to make any outfit look a little cooler.” —McGary

Adam Levine: Go plaid “Levine likes to pair solid suits with a plaid dress shirt, which adds just the right amount of fun to a traditional look.” —Ferrara

Henrik Lundqvist: Two words, Crest Whitestrips “Even more stellar than his suits? His gleaming teeth. A little whitening goes a long way.” —Sutherland

George Clooney: Choose a uniform “If you’re not as daring as Pitt or Depp, then take a cue from George Clooney and decide on a uniform. George has worn the same Armani suit to red carpet events for years. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” —McGary