Awesome Gifts a Man Should Ask For

Whoever said “ ’tis better to give than to receive” probably got really crummy gifts. To prove him wrong, we compiled this wish list. Remember, people won’t know to get you what you don’t ask for. So don’t delay and end up with a stocking full of ties and movies you can watch on Netflix under the tree. Ask for something, or somethings, from this official guide to gifts men need in 2011.

Phosphor World Time Sport: We generally prefer an analog watch, but the functionality and aesthetics of this timepiece are hard to resist. The sporty traveler will love the water resistance and ease with which he can switch time zones. Everyone else will love the super-smooth E INK display and touchscreen, which lets you control everything without buttons. $99,

Restoration Hardware Pub Dominoes: Sure, dominoes aren’t a new tablet or a set of golf clubs. But they make for a fun little game you can play over drinks with pals… or right away on Christmas morning. For the guy who isn’t reserved enough for cards, dominoes are perfect. You don’t need a poker face, just mad skills and the desire to talk trash over Chicken Foot. (The game, not the band.) $34,

Microlink Self-Powered Flashlight: Batteries not required for this cool flashlight and AM/FM/NOAA radio combination. When you don’t need a flashlight you can give it power with sunlight. Otherwise, crank the handle to generate some juice. The best part? You can charge your cell phone off it. Keep it in the car and never worry about running out of power ever again. $35,

Eddie Bauer Downlight Vest: Whether you want to look stylish on the mountain or just keep warm on a trip to the bar, you can’t do better than the Downlight Vest from Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent line. This vest super-light, water-repellent and packs into its own little pocket for easy storage when the sun starts hitting the slopes. $129,

NBA2K12: The lockout might have wigged out the coming NBA season, but you can still enjoy past glories. This game features the teams of 15 all-time greats—including Magic, His Airness and Larry Legend—so you can settle once and for all whether Clyde the Glide and friends could have ever taken out the unstoppa-Bulls back in the day. Oh, it also has today’s teams. $40,

Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3: Step up your shaving and skin care game with this gift set from Baxter of California. The kit includes the three basics any man should have: Super Close Shave Formula is Baxter’s patented shaving cream, the Baxter Best Badger Shave Brush helps distribute it properly, and the After Shave Balm soothes your face when you’re done. $70,

Zippo Outdoor Line Handwarmer: This is the perfect gift for the guy who doesn’t smoke but wants to enjoy the fine craftsmanship of a Zippo lighter. Based on the same technology that’s had people lighting up since your great grandfather’s day, it will keep your digits toasty for 12 hours by producing 10 times as much heat as a standard handwarmer. That’s hot. $20+,

Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase: Now that you have a real job, or so we hear, it’s time for a real briefcase. This option looks sharp, has storage space for all your essentials and can even be converted into a backpack for those business trips to the Mumbai markets. And it’s so durable you might not need another for the rest of your working days. $519,

Sheex Performance Sheets: You’ve got space age everything in your house. Yet for some reason, you’re still using the same old sheets. Sheex Performance sheets are more breathable and transfer heat more quickly than normal sheets, which apparently will help you sleep better. Several legit pro athletes endorse them. $69+,

Rave RL Skis: From ice to powder, these skis perform as great as they look. Don’t let that rusty, woodsy style fool you. While the Rave’s are produced in an earth-friendly fashion, they feature Skilogik’s trademark carbon fiber and fiberglass construction to stay lightweight and nimble on the slopes. $800,

Jones Snowboards Flagship: Designed for the steep stuff, this ride gives you the mobility and power you need to bomb from the tallest peaks. We won’t bore you with the technical mumbo-jumbo, but suffice it to say that as an eight-time Big Mountain Rider of the Year, Jones founder Jeremy Jones knows exactly what you need in the kind of snowboard you should never take near the park. $529,