Azita Ghanizada Is Just Super On Alphas

Dedicated SyFy Channel viewers are probably familiar with Azita Ghanizada, star of Alphas, a show about people with superhuman abilities. Unfortunately, SyFy doesn't get the kind of attention bigger networks pull, so Ms. Ghanizada isn't as well known as she should be. We'd like to change that, starting with this bio-gallery.

Ghanizada was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her family fled the country when the Soviets invaded in 1979.

She grew up in Virginia, where she learned to speak English by watching television.

Her family frequented a local Bollywood theater throughout her childhood, which spurred her interest in acting.

Ghanizada moved to Los Angeles after college and began appearing in commercials. Her ethnically ambiguous features opened her up to a number of roles, allowing her to play characters ranging from Mediterranean to Indian.

She has had guest appearances on Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, Bones and Castle, among other popular shows.

Ghanizada's starring role on Alphas finds her playing a former CIA linguist with enhanced sensory perception. Doesn't take a whole lot of perception to see this chick has it going on.