Babes of the Apocalypse

We’ve seen a lot of different post-apocalyptic settings in Hollywood movies, but one aspect tends to be common among all of them: the attractive female lead. With the premiere of the new series Revolution, which follows a band of survivors making their way through a dystopian world without electricity, we figured it was about time for a post-apocalyptic babe roundup. Enjoy.

Tracy Spiridakos – Revolution We hadn’t seen much of Tracy Spiridakos’ work before Revolution, but we’re looking forward to checking her out on the show. This picture will have to do for now.

Mila KunisThe Book of Eli If girls like Mila Kunis populate this post-apocalyptic world, we wouldn’t mind spending some time there.

Emma StoneZombieland So Zombieland was a mostly comedic film, but that doesn’t change the fact that it had post-apocalyptic themes, zombies and a very sexy Emma Stone chilling in the midst of it all.

Moon BloodgoodTerminator Salvation Keep your fingers crossed that when the machines take over, we have robot-fighting babes like Moon Bloodgood to look out for us.

Milla JovovichResident Evil series We believe there are something like 26 Resident Evil movies at this point, and Milla Jovovich has kicked ass and looked fine doing it in every one.

Sarah CarterFalling Skies In a world where humans are enslaved and killed by their alien overlords, Sarah Carter provides an excellent distraction from bleak surroundings.

Naomie Harris28 Days Later Hang with Naomie Harris’ character in 28 Days Later all you want—just don’t get bitten, because she will shoot you on the spot. So she’s sexy in a dangerous way, right? Right.

Charlize TheronThe Road The Road was a depressing film, no doubt about it. But we love us some Charlize, no matter what setting she appears in.

Lauren CohanThe Walking Dead There are a lot of good reasons to watch The Walking Dead. Lauren Cohan is one of them.

Sienna GuilloryResident Evil series Jovovich’s sister-in-arms, Sienna Guillory also makes zombie-killing look hot.

Samantha MumbaThe Time Machine We’re pretty sure this is what H.G. Wells was picturing when he first wrote The Time Machine.

Rose Byrne28 Weeks Later We’d brave the zombie apocalypse for her any day.

Monica BellucciThe Matrix Reloaded Her character is never actually pictured in the Matrix’s post-apocalyptic landscape, but still. Just enjoy the photo.