Baller! 10 Cool New High-Tops

High-top sneakers aren’t just for punks, basketball players and people with weak ankles anymore. They’re for everybody. Especially if you want a bit more heft to your footwear, but you’re not exactly a “boot guy.” The following options—including Derrick Rose’s latest signature kicks, which you'll find at the end—should pair well with jeans, cords… hell, even your sky-blue tuxedo. The bonus? You’re getting more shoe for your money.

adidas Adi High EXT If you looked carefully, you probably spotted these in a Nicki Minaj-splashed adidas commercial recently. They might not make you rap any better, but they do feature a full-grain leather upper with a perforated underlay (whatever that means). All we know is, they look cool as hell. $90,

Nike Dunk High Based on the original Nike Dunk from 1985, this is the ultimate sneaker for a guy who likes basketball, used to play basketball, but doesn’t really step on the court much anymore. If you’re old enough to have seen Patrick Ewing play in college, you’ll appreciate this shoe. $85,

Oakley Roadtrip More of a casual sneaker than a skate or BMX performance shoe, the suede-tastic Roadtrip hails from Brazil—and like almost everything from that country, it’s pretty damn sexy. But if you like it, grab a pair now; Oakley says it’ll only be available in the U.S. this fall. $75,

Vans Stat Vans are more than just those black-and-white-checkered slip-ons that your stoner friend Kevin used to always wear. These clean, simple—and very red!—kicks offer a higher heel height to mimic the fit of running shoes. Wear them with black jeans for an instant Buffalo 66 effect. $90,

Onitsuka Tiger Fabre These suede winners from Asics’ vintage lifestyle brand get their name from the basketball term “fast break.” You probably won’t be wearing them to tomahawk slam, but you could sport them to do just about anything else. Just a solid, solid shoe, available in a variety of colors. $85,

K-Swiss Clean Laguna High T Vnz Inspired by the tennis shoe that took Wimbledon by storm in 1966, this stripped-down, minimalist high-top is the kind of shoe you could see hipsters sporting in Portland, Oregon… or the Winklevosses rocking in the Hamptons. Bottom line: it’s about as clean as it gets. $55,

Nike SB Challenge Court If a tennis court and a skate park hooked up and produced a three-quarter-top shoe baby, it would look like this. The only bad part about these John McEnroe-inspired retro sneakers is they’re only available at select retailers and skate shops. Yes, we are serious. $80, more info at

Vans Alomar Want the look of a boot, but the comfort of a sneaker? Go with the Alomar. It’s built similarly to Vans’ Classic Chukka Boot but adds a modern, slimmed-down upper to create a shoe that pushes the boundaries between skate and street fashion. Translation: they’re handsome. $100,

Onitsuka Tiger Wrestling 81 Feeling ballsy? Want to make an indie statement? Traveling to Williamsburg, Brooklyn? These are your shoes. Fashioned as a wrestling sneaker, they were co-designed by the legendary grappler Dan Gable. Warning: wearing these could inspire you to re-watch Vision Quest. $95,

adidas D Rose 3 So new they aren’t even available yet, these Derrick Rose kicks are the first under the D Rose label. “The D Rose 3 signature collection is special to me because I worked side-by-side with adidas on everything from materials to fit to colors to make it the best we've done yet,” says Rose. “I love the new logo that calls out the most important things to me: my family, basketball and the city of Chicago.” He’ll be sporting pairs as he begins #thereturn to the court this NBA season. $160, more info at