Baseball’s Nuttiest Fans

Streakers, stat geeks and ballpark tourists are one thing. But to qualify as truly crazy MLB fans, you’ve got to do something more outrageous—like get tased for your team, build a stadium in your backyard or wear your baseball love on your skin like the gentleman above. See what we mean on the following pages.

Pittsburgh Pole Climbers In 1909 people were into different things than today. They didn’t have Facebook. Instead, they had climbing onto a pole with eight of your closest friends to get a good look at a Pirates game.

Red Sox Nation Red Sox Nation did it all to eliminate the Curse of the Bambino. Fans hired exorcists to cleanse Fenway. A man placed a Sox cap at the summit of Mt. Everest and burned a Yankees cap. And they declared the curse broken not when they actually won a World Series, but when a Manny Ramirez foul ball knocked two teeth from the mouth of a teen who grew up in Babe Ruth’s old house.

Benjamin Christensen This guy went ahead and got every MLB mascot tattooed on his body. The work isn’t half bad and incorporates classic moments like Dock Ellis’ acid-fueled no-hitter.

Zack Hample Baseball fans like facts, stats and trivia. They pride themselves on knowing things that other baseball fans don’t. Well, Zack Hample knows where to catch a ball in every stadium in the country. He currently has a collection of more than 6,000 baseballs caught at games.

Bert Bouwman Who doesn’t love a good corn maze? Popular in the more bucolic regions of the United States, these are a staple of fall festivals. Well, Bert Bouwman went ahead and made this masterpiece of Minnesota fandom, but it still doesn’t beat...

Pat O’Connor …the Vermont guy who constructed a scale model of Fenway in his backyard. He built it and now they come. To play wiffle ball, of course.

Steve Consalvi How big of a fan is Steve Consalvi? Honestly we’re not sure. But he boldly stormed onto the field at Citizens Bank Park only to become the first and only non-violent fan to get tased by security. And the dude was obviously prepared to run—why else wear spandex under cargo shorts?