The “Blurred Lines” Babe Speaks!

Every once in a while, a woman comes along—usually in a music video, sometimes in a lifeguard-themed TV show—and captures the male imagination in a major, major way. This year, that woman is Emily Ratajkowski, the gorgeous brunette in Robin Thicke’s extremely viral “Blurred Lines” video (104 million views and counting!). We tracked down the Internet sensation at Comic-Con’s AXE Black Chill event to discuss important matters. Like toplessness. And superhero costumes. And… Nickelodeon shows. Yes, we included more pictures, too…

MADE MAN: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you since the “Blurred Lines” video came out? EMILY RATAJKOWSKI: There’ve been some strange occurrences. I had somebody meet me at the airport once, which is a little creepy. There was also a couple who asked if I could meet them and have dinner with them, and you can guess the rest. But for the most part people have been really respectful and just, like, psyched.

MM: Was it hard to walk in those humongous shoes in the video? ER: Yes. It was so hard! At first I literally took one step and my ankle gave out. But I think that was actually what started the whole idea of me laying down and moving my legs back and forth, because it was so hard to walk.

MM: You don’t seem to have a problem posing nude or partially nude. Is that because you spent time in Europe as a child? ER: Yeah. I grew up going to a beach in Mallorca, Spain, where everybody was topless. Moms, aunts, beautiful women. And I think that’s just something that’s really beautiful and amazing. I’ve never really felt ashamed of myself or that I had something to hide. I think women should celebrate their bodies and never apologize for them.

MM: OK, you’re at a pool party, celebrating your body. What’s the best way for a guy to get your attention? ER: Doing a fancy dive into the pool would maybe grab my attention. Or even a cannonball, you know? If it’s done with some real cojones, it could be cool.

MM: You’re talking to us from Comic-Con right now. With that in mind, is it better to approach you in a skintight Batman costume, or not in a skintight Batman costume? ER: Of course in a skintight Batman costume! The better the costume, the more likely I am to talk to you. It’s like, wow, you’re wearing a skintight costume at a huge event with thousands of people. You must be OK with yourself. I think I’m into confident guys.

MM: What are you doing at Comic-Con anyway? ER: I’ve partnered with AXE to launch AXE Black Chill, which is a new grooming line for men. They have the shaving gel and the deodorant and everything to help guys keep their cool around hot women. Because girls are getting hotter.

MM: Girls are getting hotter. We agree with you. How is this happening? ER: I think they’re getting more confident, you know? And they have more ways to express themselves. And I think it’s tough for guys, I really do. So Black Chill gives them that extra confidence because they smell good and they know it, and then they feel good and they act more confident around these very sexy women.

MM: Let’s talk turnoffs. Is there any clothing item or accessory that you hate on a guy? ER: Pink polo shirts. It’s a good thing you’re not wearing one right now. That would be really rude of me.

MM: Collar up or down? ER: Either. But I think up makes it a little more brutal.

MM: Where should a guy take you on a first date? ER: A restaurant with really amazing food. I love food. I love eating. I like trying everything, so maybe a place with small plates. Or I love Italian food, so if you have amazing burrata and great pizza and a fresh pasta, you have done pretty well in my book.

MM: We did a little research and discovered that you played Gibby’s girlfriend on a couple episodes of iCarly. Was that relationship remotely realistic? ER: I was 17. He was maybe 12 or 13. So a full-blown relationship was probably not realistic. But, you know, a good Italian restaurant, you never know where Gibby could have gotten.