Bruce Lee Kicked Fashion’s Ass

Look at that picture. That’s Bruce Lee kicking some ass. No big deal, right? Look again. Not only is he kicking ass, he’s dressed like the hippest thing the ’70s had ever seen while doing it. That’s just what we came to expect from Mr. Lee. Sure, he was best known for his groundbreaking martial artistry and legendary film career, but the guy was also stylish as hell. Read on...

He suited up As a martial artist, Lee was most comfortable wearing no shirt at all so as to stun his enemies with his impressive physique before delivering devastating roundhouse kicks to their impressed faces. But when he was trying to impress in a different way, Lee could sport a leisure suit in a manner that somehow made leisure suits cool, even by modern standards.

He suited down How many men in the world could pull off skintight jeans, bare chest, a foot-long gold medallion and a belt buckle that screams “look down here”? Just one. Don’t try this at home.

He executed the lean Always cool and confident, Lee moved with a cocksure swagger interrupted only by the occasional chopping of an enemy’s neck.

He kept it subtle See that? Black on black. Never one to indulge in excess, Lee knew how to draw down his style to the bare necessities.

He kept it classy Even when he just was a fresh-faced up-and-comer, Lee outfitted himself in the styles of the day. Here we see him embodying the effortless class of ’60s fashion in a way that would make Don Draper narrow his eyes in envy. Need we say more? Be like Bruce.