Comic-Con’s Sexiest Cosplayers

The 2013 edition of Comic-Con begins July 18th, and there's so much to look forward to. No, we’re not talking about cheapo swag, signed collectibles or even the possibility of meeting Wolverine. We're talking about cosplay girls. Attractive ones. Don't believe us? Check out the hottest fangirls from 2012’s convention and we're pretty sure you'll see what we mean. Enjoy. P.S.: Forgive us if we identify some of the costumes incorrectly. We're doing our best.

Lady Cyclops


Lady Thor

Poorly armored Stormtrooper

Steampunk Poison Ivy

Rogue examines the convention center's carpeting.

Old school Batman cosplay

Miss Captain America

Nothing but body paint up top.

Black Cat

Cosplay pro Jessica Nigri does Harley Quinn from the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

And her friends.

Move over Christian Bale.

Miss Captain America 2

Catwoman. Guy in the background knows what's up.

Not sure who's she's supposed to be, but we dig it.

Trigger-happy ladies

Wonder Woman

Lady Solo—and totally pulling it off.

So much latex.

Vampirella. And Rorschach. Naturally.

Wonder Woman 2: from the back!