8 Delicious Holiday Beers

Come wintertime, food and drink get a bit spicier and a lot heavier. Beer is no exception, and between the cloves, the cinnamon and the hops, a good winter brew will warm you up and put you in the holiday spirit after just a few sips. Try any (or all) of these eight delicious holiday beers.

Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale Don't let the self-deprecation turn you off—this beer from California-based Lagunitas Brewing Company is a world-class IPA in a Santa hat. Citrus undertones and a piney scent sit under a heavy and lingering head that looks something like a fresh snowfall on a frozen pond of beer.

Guinness Generous Ale A straight-forward ale with malty tones and a thick head. Pour it in a glass, drink it and be merry. P.s.—Feeling generous yourself? Pledge to volunteer some time through the Guinness Generous Hour program. Chicks dig charitable men, man.

Rogue Santa's Private Reserve Santa doesn't screw around, and his private reserve is testament to that fact. This bitter drink is every bit as Rogue as the hop-heavy concoctions we've come to love from this brewery.

Newcastle Winter IPA From the makers of your favorite nut brown ale, this amber-hued IPA is crisp and warming with just enough hops and spice to evoke the taste of the season.

Three Floyds Alpha Klaus This robust porter with roasted malt aromas will leave the taste of dark chocolate and coffee in your mouth. And joy in your heart, of course.

Anchor Christmas Ale Dark and aromatic, Anchor's holiday brew pours thick and yields a tall head. A sip brings a medley of tastes, with hints of orange, fig, burnt malt and winter spices.

Port Brewing Santa's Little Helper Santa's Little Helper tastes the way it looks: like a creamy dark chocolate infused with coffee. It'll leave you feeling warm and satisfied long after you've moved on to the eggnog.

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Sierra Nevada's annual winter ale sports a brilliant amber hue topped with a long-lasting head and infused with a powerful serving of hops. The peppery aftertaste is a nice counterpoint to the bitterness, and the beer happens to look fantastic when placed in front of a roaring fire.