The Hottest Grills Money Can Buy

There comes a time when a man finds he needs something more from his grill. Sure, your trusty old Weber kettle is a trouper, but an upgrade in range equipment can inject new life into your relationship with barbecued meat and make you feel like you’re grilling for the first time again. Ready to rediscover your passion? Check these strikingly one-of-a-kind options out.

Grillworks 42 Asador The Asador line is the BMW 7 Series of grilling. Designed for traditional wood-fire enthusiasts who like to cook large amounts of food at once, the Asador 42 is a stainless steel beauty with a fire-brick back that helps redistribute heat and keep your meat grilling at an even temperature. Bonus: the wheel on the side lets you raise and lower the grates to your liking. $6,850,

The Big Green Egg The BGE is a ceramic coal cooker inspired by the traditional Japanese kamado oven. The body material is a high-fiber ceramic originally designed for NASA’s Space Shuttle program that helps reflect and contain heat within the cooking area, allowing the Egg to reach temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. You read that right. $400-$1,200 (depending on size),

Broil King Keg The Keg is similar to the Big Green Egg, but with a substantially more awesome name. $899,

Primo Oval XL Another ceramic model, the Oval XL offers 680 square inches of dual smoking and grilling capabilities in a sleek, ovular package that’ll serve as a conversation-starting centerpiece for your patio. $1,100,

Napoleon NK22CK-C This is your traditional kettle grill on steroids, complete with a hinged grill grate for convenient charcoal insertion and a stainless steel heat diffuser for efficient slow cooking and smoking. The grill grate is also height-adjustable, so you can easily switch between searing and grilling. $399,

Barbecook Major The sharp-looking Major burns so hot that it doesn’t need a lid, helping to eliminate the overly smoky taste that can result from food being trapped in an enclosed space. Plus it’s ridiculously easy to light, igniting via a few sheets of newspaper in a designated space within the support stand, which transfer flames to the coals above. $240,

Old Smokey Jumbo On the flip side, if you like your meat smoky, this is the grill for you. As its name suggests, the Old Smokey is designed specifically to optimize the smoking process. And can you beat that rugged, no-frills look? Any man should be proud to display a piece of badass grilling machinery like this in his backyard. $64,

Vermont Castings 522 The 522 is so pretty you might feel bad leaving it outside. It’s outfitted with a built-in searing burner, stainless steel plating and five internal gas burners for a combined 102,500 BTUs of power. Somewhere, Tim Allen is smiling. $1,600,

Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman For on-the-go grilling you can’t beat the sturdy cast iron construction and convenient size of Lodge’s Sportsman. $145,

Epicoa Seven Skewer This rotisserie-style cooker automatically rotates its skewers at the perfect rate. The motion ensures your meat (and vegetables if you’re into that kind of thing) cooks evenly on all sides. It also prevents flare-ups by keeping juices on the meat instead of in the fire. $1,200,

Fuego Element In its basic form, the Element is just a really nice gas grill. Where it departs from the competition is in the various modifications you can add to it, like a circular stone pizza block, cast iron griddle or roasting plate that fit over the surface of the grill and allow for a range of different cooking styles. $700,