Dress Smarter With Five Four Club

Wine of the month. Cheese of the month. Panty of the month. There are a lot of “of the months” we can do without, but we just discovered one that could change your life. It’s called Five Four Club, and it rocks. Here’s how it works: you fill out a style survey, pay $60 a month, they send you a fitting selection of clothing and accessories at up to 75 percent off their retail value. We’re talking shirts, pants, hoodies, hats, shoes and more, all super sharp and stylish. Click through to see the kinda stuff you’ll score, and to join up at a special Made Man discount rate!

As you’ve probably noticed, graphic tees can cost a pretty penny. With Five Four, you’ll get them for 12 bucks apiece.

Quality long-sleeve button shirts can hit triple figures with some brands. Five Four will send you a couple, plus two pairs of fine socks, for just $60.

Who doesn’t love a sweet military style hooded jacket… especially at a price that can’t be beat?

Yup, they send stylish looking khakis too. And remember that discount rate we mentioned? Use the promo code “MadeMan” to get 15 bucks off your first month. So why wait? Visit Five Four Club and get started today!