5 Cocktails Women Swoon Over

Looking to impress a lady friend? Nothing says "I'm cool and capable" like the ability to mix a good cocktail. And while we can all appreciate a girl who throws back whiskey fingers straight up, you might be better off making something on the sweeter side to be safe. Try one of these five drinks, complete with recipes from our friends at Liquor.com.

Bellini Champagne and peach puree in a flute makes for a simple and classy option. Get the recipe.

Strawberry Daiquiri Got a blender handy? The daiquiri is sweet but strong, and calls to mind a warm tropical locale, even if you're just serving it in your apartment. Get the recipe.

Boston Rum Punch Straightforward and refreshing, the Boston Rum Punch is essentially lemonade for grown ups. Get the recipe.

Lone Ranger Tequila and brut rosé may sound like odd bed partners, but together with a few drops of simple syrup and lemon juice they form a bright, tasteful concoction. Get the recipe.

Basil Watermelon Cooler The most involved cocktail on this list, the vodka-based basil watermelon cooler is also the most gratifying once you've finished putting it together. Get the recipe.